“A Kind of Blindness, A Kind of Sight” by Photographer Jaclyn Kolev Brown

Jaclyn Kolev Brown is an artist and photographer primarily primarily based in Richmond, Virginia, where she teaches pictures at Virginia Commonwealth College. Walking the toll road between fact and surrealism, her work on the overall emanates from a central theme of questioning identity.

“A More or less Blindness, A More or less Look” explores the connection between religion and look. “Faith is a focused strategy of seeing that on the overall looks previous the most in style or fact into a hopeful, future-oriented, and abstract home,” Brown explains. “However, religion can additionally lead a particular person to ignore the most in style fact, and therefore be viewed as a narrow strategy of seeing and even a get of blindness.” Bringing together fragmentary photography, the series mirrors this restricted standpoint, whereas concurrently hinting at a bigger which formulation, previous what’s straight apparent, thru the utilize of symbols and a collective yarn.

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