Amarylis: A December Houseplant

This day Cynthia Strickland, who gardens in Raleigh, North Carolina, is sharing a attention-grabbing twist on the acquainted amaryllis. (Cynthia has contributed to the GPOD sooner than; check it out here and here.)

Previously weeks I enjoyed staring at a “waxed” amaryllis (Hippeastrum hybrid, Zones 7 or 9 thru 10 looking on the vary, or grown as a houseplant), a flowering bulb encased in wax, develop and bloom indoors. The vegetation lasted on the least as prolonged as a lower flower procedure. It did not must be planted in soil or watered, and it used to be easy to circulation around. The amaryllis totally wished colorful gentle, and there used to be no soil or water to spill.

The roots had been eradicated, so the backside of the bulb used to be flat and free-standing. In some photos possibilities are you’ll per chance be taught how so a lot of the vitality goes into flower production and the method the scale of the leaves are very instant. The bulb, which is greater than a baseball, took about four weeks to create viewed flower buds from below the sepals. In this (unknown) vary, there had been two flower stems with four vegetation on every stem.

It used to be attention-grabbing to check the plant aspects develop and trade, as wisely as to check how reasonably just a few the crimson of the petals regarded in reasonably just a few lighting fixtures scenarios. The buds grouped together be taught identical to tulips and genuinely pop next to an ‘Electrical Lime’ coleus (Solenostemon ‘Electrical Lime’, annual). Start air in colorful sunlight, the crimson-orange coloration is stark and intense paired with a ‘Blue Pacific’ juniper (Juniperus conferta ‘Blue Pacific’, Zones 6–9).

I are residing in Zone 7a, where I include viewed amaryllis increasing birth air. Though the possibilities are slim that the spent, rootless bulb will continue residing, I eradicated the wax and pretty just a few masking, sprinkled some rooting hormone on the backside of the bulb, and positioned it in a pot with some soil as an experiment to check if it would develop.

Cushy gardening!

The amaryllis in rotund bloom.

The wax-lined bulb, with the flower buds proper initiating to emerge.

The stems initiating to stretch taller.

The buds ready to pop birth.

In rotund bloom. The leaves of the waxed bulb care for instant, but the vegetation birth as long-established.

Component of the anthers—the male aspects of the flower—initiating to shed their pollen.

The amaryllis paired with a ‘Blue Pacific’ juniper.

The vegetation include completed, the flower stems had been lower off, and the wax has been peeled away to investigate cross-check and inspire the bulb to develop roots. Has anyone tried to develop a waxed amaryllis after flowering? Any success?

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