Ancient South Sinai city of Saint Catherine to get facelift

Egypt is gearing up for the implementation of the first portion of the Higher Transfiguration Project to form the celebrated old city of Saint Catherine in South Sinai.

For the length of a March 30 assembly to coach up on the obligatory preparations to originate the implementation, Minister of Housing Assem el-Gazzar outlined that the a quantity of initiatives to be implemented in town had been designed to promote tourism there.

He careworn the want to build bicycle and pedestrian lanes, your total whereas supporting plans to plant vegetation corresponding to olive bushes.

Gazzar indicated that the Ministry of Housing-affiliated Central Agency for Reconstruction will seemingly be responsible of enforcing the first portion of the mission, and the advance initiatives are build to present a boost to town environment of town and provide many investment and job opportunities.

“It is miles a touristic city that is fragment of our heritage, and it serves as a assembly point for the three [Abrahamic] religions,” he added.

In August 2020, President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi had tasked the concerned authorities parties with initiating a belief of the Higher Transfiguration Project, which he described as an added, religious sign for all humanity.

South Sinai Gov. Khaled Fouda urged Al-Video display over the phone that the Higher Transfiguration Project aims to form town and its environment whereas keeping the environmental and visible personality of its pristine nature.

The mission, he acknowledged, additionally seeks to build a non secular shrine on the mountains surrounding the Holy Valley given the gigantic space enjoyed by the habitual city of Saint Catherine, the build God Almighty unveiled himself.

Fouda acknowledged town of Saint Catherine is found in South Sinai amid a mountain vary, basically the most celebrated of which is Jabal Mousa, from the build God Almighty spoke to Prophet Musa during his return to Egypt from Midian. There’s additionally Mount Catherine, the build the archaeological Saint Catherine’s Monastery, one of the most oldest monasteries on the earth, is found. This habitual build serves as a destination for religious, mountain and therapeutic tourism.

Requested about different targets of the mission, Fouda outlined that it additionally aims to blueprint all forms of touristic and leisure products and services to friends, whereas working on promoting town on the earth as a destination for religious tourism.

Saint Catherine, he outlined, is a city that has a surely gigantic ancient and religious sign, as it serves as a crossroads for the three Abrahamic religions, and the mission aims to hyperlink town to the relaxation of the coastal build that includes al-Tur, Sharm el-Sheikh and Dahab.

When it comes to the archaeological areas in Saint Catherine city, Fouda acknowledged improvement works will seemingly be conducted whereas keeping the sanctity of holy sites in the Holy Valley and keeping the personality reserve, as no constructions will seemingly be erected in these sites.

Requested about the areas that will seemingly be restored as fragment of the mission, Fouda acknowledged, “Some churches inner the monastery, corresponding to the Church of Stephen and John, will seemingly be restored, and an automatic fireplace extinguishing and hearth warning plot will seemingly be build in region [at the monastery].”

The valley build reach the monastery, he added, will additionally be developed and dotted with a smartly agreeable lights plot.

Based completely totally on Fouda, electric poles will seemingly be far flung from al-Silsilah Gate to the entrance to the monastery. The mission, he acknowledged, will encompass the establishment of a gate to ogle luggage and folks, a security monitoring room and surveillance cameras during the monastery.

Fouda outlined that the advance works will seemingly be outdoors the monastery’s walls in recount to shield the sanctity of the monastery in step with Resolution No. 508 of 1997 on keeping the sanctity of the Saint Catherine Monastery issued by the Egyptian Ministry of Culture.

The works, he acknowledged, encompass four areas, at the side of Jabal Musa and the Monastery Garden, which is build to turn out to be a special destination for vacationers given its rare bushes, three wells, three ancient springs, honey apiary and olive press. These very criteria were among the factors that led Saint Catherine to be incorporated on the UNESCO World Heritage Checklist in 2002.

Fouda acknowledged electric mini golf carts will seemingly be secured in recount to pass friends from the auto automobile parking space to the monastery. There’s additionally a pedestrian lane road and one more for camels that will seemingly be acquire as a manner of transportation to the monastery, to boot to sliding slightly than electric doorways to enter the build.

Fouda outlined that the governorate organized all throughout the last 5 years a ceremony entitled “Here we pray together” in the presence of a substantial different of officials and ambassadors from 30 worldwide locations, which helped introduce town of Saint Catherine to the sphere.

For his fragment, Deputy Minister of Housing for National Initiatives Khaled Abbas urged Al-Video display the mission additionally aims to blueprint tourism and leisure products and services to friends, your total whereas linking town to the relaxation of the coastal build, which extends over al-Tur, Sharm el-Sheikh and Dahab.

Abbas acknowledged work has began to internationally promote town as a destination for religious tourism, stressing that town of Saint Catherine has a gigantic ancient and religious sign and is a crossroads for the three Abrahamic religions.

He additionally acknowledged officials from the corporate (which he did no longer name) tasked with promoting town acquire began explaining the mission promotion vision, which seeks to flip town of Saint Catherine right into a destination for religious tourism for followers of the three Abrahamic religions across the sphere.

He careworn that the mission of this mission is to build the precept of world peace among human beings, adding that the mission will seemingly be promoted at the global stage.

Abbas acknowledged equal initiatives will seemingly be implemented in several areas in Egypt, at the side of the growth of the Suez location city build, the establishment of a alternate and finance entrepreneurship center in Ras al-Adabiya, and the Bab al-Khaleej mission, which comprises a number of world tourism initiatives.

Add to this, he persevered, the advance of tourist and heritage sites in Mount Sinai and their linkage to different tourist locations, in particular town of Saint Catherine, the advance of airports and ports, and the establishment of a zone to deal with global exports as effectively as the unique Suez City, among many a quantity of improvement initiatives.

In 2002, town of Saint Catherine modified into classified as a World Heritage articulate upon a resolution of the UNESCO Committee, being one of basically the most habitual and clear cities in Sinai, and town modified into declared a natural reserve as a consequence of its natural, ancient and religious significance.

The Monastery of Saint Catherine is found in the South Sinai governorate at the foot of Mount Horeb, the build the Prophet Moses (peace be upon him) modified into given the Ten Commandments. This mountainous location includes many heritage and religious sites and has a breathtaking nature. It is miles sacred to the followers of the three Abrahamic religions, and Muslims call it Mountain Moses. 

The monastery modified into based in the Sixth century AD in the Byzantine technology and is the oldest Christian monastery that has preserved its non secular feature so far. Its significance lies in the fact that it’s a mannequin of Byzantine structure containing substantial collections of handy Christian manuscripts and icons.

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