Better Days

Derek Tsang Kwok-cheung’s cause célèbre-grew to change into-success tale combines demanding-hitting drama with woozy romance.

“This extinct to be our playground.” An grownup Chen Nian (Zhou Dongyu) is explaining to her college students the variation between the previous and reward tenses in English grammar. Better Days opens with this allegorical flash-forward, eliciting an intangible sense of nostalgia and loss to scheme us into the harrowing tale of two terrified younger folks falling in luxuriate in.

Their “playground” is sure by the sides of a excessive college advanced located within a concrete jungle, the set together they arise in opposition to a cruel world of systemic suppression, omnipresent violence and collective apathy.

Tailored from creator Jiu Yue Xi’s internet fiction of the identical Mandarin title, this is Hong Kong director Derek Tsang Kwok-cheung’s incisively earnest dissection of mainland China’s excessive-strain exam-oriented training device, from which rampant college bullying derives.

The movie’s non-linear, multi-faceted tale centres around the lead-up to Gaokao, China’s annual Nationwide College Entrance Examination. It starts with a excessive college senior’s suicide in consequence of bullying led by her classmate Wei Lai (Zhou Ye), who in flip targets Chen Nian as her subsequent victim. Within the meantime, Chen Nian helps miniature-time gangster Xiao-bei (Jackson Yee) get out of a facet road strive in opposition to. To return the favour, Xiao-bei starts conserving Chen Nian from Wei Lai’s abuses.

From here Tsang experiments with a genre-bending methodology, remodeling this sensitive cloth into a teenage melodrama that in flip becomes a neo-noir crime thriller in which Chen Nian and Xiao-bei are dragged into a assassinate mystery; their fates turning into progressively entangled as their bond deepens.

Tsang showcases his mastery of movie language: finish-usahighlight Zhou and Yee’s measured performances; handheld tracking photos apply Chen Nian and Xiao-bei into the metropolis’s underbelly; overtonal montages heighten the sense of weariness felt by a younger generation surviving on spurious hopes; and claustrophobic framing accentuates the stress of cramming for Gaokao and the glimpse strain of taking piece in bullying.

At cases Tsang  bites off extra than he can chew, making useless makes an try to the touch on off-topic societal issues. This finally ends up in an absence of dwelling in which to fully form the central tale’s supporting characters, especially college bully Wei Lai. Despite this, Tsang’s execution largely fits his ambition.

Up-to-the-minute Chinese language-language movies tackle Better Days are demanding to finish abet by. Despite being pulled from the Berlin Film Competition and pushed abet from its initial free up date, this movie has survived censorship and change into a home field speak of job hit. Benefiting from the co-manufacturing between Hong Kong and mainland China, it’s a first-rate instance of how cinema can facilitate well-known sociopolitical alternate between the 2 regions.

Published 20 Mar 2021

Better Days
Chinese language Cinema
Derek Tsang
Derek Tsang Kwok-cheung
Hong Kong cinema
Jiu Yue Xi


Excited to gaze teen idol-grew to change into-actor Jackson Yee’s breakout feature.


A cinematic feat powered by singular lead performances.

In Retrospect.

Sociopolitically well-known every on and off display camouflage camouflage.

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