“Between Two Shores” by Photographer Tadas Kazakevičius

Tadas Kazakevičius is a documentary photographer basically based in Vilnius, Lithuania. A devotee of analog photography, his images—made basically with medium and big structure cameras—center his topics and their experiences at the center of his route of. His series, “Between Two Shores,” is an atmospheric portrait of keep, sharp the viewer to the Curonion Spit— a slim strip of land nestled between the Baltic Sea and the Curonion lagoon.

“Right here home is supposed to be heard, smelled, absorbed, felt with the entire conceivable senses – eyes on my own might perhaps perhaps no longer indicate sufficient,” Kazakevičius explains. “Right here you delight in to listen to the whispering of the dilapidated forests, wailing of the ladies for the frail Griekinė linden tree or the sound of waves at the amber bay, telling the large historical past of this sacred keep. It’s top to feel the dread formed in the air by alien birds and acquire the inner peace by meeting the sun on one shore and to uncover it farewell on the other.”

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