Blue Bloods Season 11 Episode 4 Review: Redemption

While you are appropriate, you are appropriate.

Danny pulled out all of the stops to defend a serial rapist on Blue Bloods Season 11 Episode 4, no matter whether he become once violating anyone’s rights.

His choices resulted in saving a girl from turning into the perp’s most neatly-liked victim, however did that define Danny’s decisions?

It can in all probability maybe possess helped to grab why Danny become once so convinced of Strand’s guilt.

The perp’s car resembled the one outdated within the attack, however that wasn’t proof certain. Strand claimed to be delivering prescriptions that night time, and the race-piece firm talked about that a rogue operator had disguised himself as one in every of their workers.

So Danny become once left largely with his intestine feeling in desire to any evidence, and that’s the reason he had to resort to determined measures to show conceal his case.

That incorporated two things that weren’t quite real: the GPS tracker and the interrogation session.

Happily, Danny did no longer lose his temper or bodily threaten Strand; he simply puzzled him and bought nowhere.

I had extra of a controversy with the GPS tracker, largely because it did no longer seem main.

Couldn’t Danny possess build up a sting without that? He could possibly possess had patrol autos within the attach that Strand on the total frequented and had Baez or one other female cop pose as anyone wanting a race.

All are totally real and above-board, without inserting in GPS trackers without a warrant, so his case would no longer get thrown out in court docket.

Needless to relate, Strand become out to be one step earlier than Danny and already had one other woman tied up within the motivate seat by the time Danny build up his undercover operation. In a style, I become once disappointed.

I did no longer esteem Danny’s resolution to level of curiosity completely on this suspect to prove to be justified, specifically since about a of his investigative ways had been illegal.

I could possess loved for Erin to run into him about how his decisions made her job more difficult as normal, however she become once too busy alongside with her delight in case.

Erin: It all involves: could possibly simply aloof a man be judged by his most productive day, or by his worst?

Anthony: Every deplorable man did one thing real at some point soon. Real trigger he did one thing real would no longer mean he will get a pass on the deplorable stuff.

I’m now no longer on the total a huge fan of Erin’s storylines, however this one offered an piquant quandary despite the truth that it become once a petite contrived.

What had been the odds that the a comparable man who purchased drunk and killed a child in a car accident would set a bunch of other youth from a knife-wielding maniac?

The perp with the knife sounded so drunk and out of it that once Anthony talked about Farmer become once concerned, I become once waiting for him to be the deplorable man!

Nonetheless he wasn’t, leaving Erin with a philosophical inquire of of that could possibly deeply influence of us’s lives: did the youth’s lives he saved in threat to his delight in get up for the one he took?

Nothing can change a existence once it is snuffed out, in spite of every thing. In spite of how many youth Farmer saved, Diane Brooks’ daughter become once aloof pointless and continuously could possibly be.

Nonetheless Erin had a level. Farmer become once guilty of against the law that had tragic penalties, yet he wasn’t a deplorable person.

There is a purpose that on the total, sentencing ideas are left as a lot as the true device. Victims in most cases confuse justice with vengeance. The influence of the crime on the victim is one aspect judges could possibly simply aloof purchase into tale, however it absolutely’s now no longer basically the most attention-grabbing element in a supreme sentence.

Even though the justice device become once basically based totally extra on making amends and no more on punishment, Farmer had no trusty manner to get amends right here, and he knew that. I wonder what compromise Erin, the perp, and the victim’s mother got right here up with that they would all are living with.

As for Frank’s quandary, it regarded silly to presume that a detective in a wheelchair could possibly no longer carry out any in-the-field work the least bit.

Particular, there become once continuously the probability that a perp will be hiding at against the law scene.

Nonetheless anyone who’s ever watched against the law drama is conscious of, as a rule, patrol officers possess cleared the scene and identified witnesses. There become once no purpose a detective in a wheelchair could possibly now no longer examine below those circumstances.

You continuously is the vital. Procure it work so others can practice. Real work, Detective. You only flipped the PC.


All Frank had to carry out become once require that anyone else mediate the scene safe earlier than Allison got right here in to carry out her investigation. Topic solved.

I cherished Allison, though. She become once spunky and stable, refusing to motivate down and continuously stress Frank to carry out the absolute top element.

Meanwhile, Jamie and Eddie purchased taking into consideration a comparatively lackluster case.

The pointless man that Flores become once accused of taking pictures glided by the wayside. The case grew to alter into about how Flores become once taking responsibility for it because he felt guilty about his partner getting attacked, beefy stop.

Jamie’s insistence that Flores become once getting himself in effort by now no longer talking to IAB did no longer recuperate-known sense, either. Protection lawyers on the total inform their customers now no longer to talk over with the police for the easy purpose that whereas you make now no longer present the cops the relaxation, they are able to’t use your words in opposition to you.

As a lawyer, Jamie will have to possess known that, and it sounded esteem the cops’ entire case in opposition to Flores become once that he expressed a desire to execute the person that shot his partner.

It be now no longer esteem there become once forensic evidence unless I disregarded one thing. IAB had no case the least bit, which intended that Flores become once dapper now no longer to talk over with them in this effort.

Anyway, it did no longer seem to matter since Jamie realized that Flores wasn’t at the scene when Gordon become once shot and convinced him to prevent punishing himself for it. Presumably the implication become once that since Flores wasn’t there, he could possibly no longer possess known who shot at his partner, however it absolutely regarded that the writers forgot about that case altogether.

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