Bucket List: Top 15 Best Things to do in Kortrijk, Belgium

Kortrijk Bucket List: 15 Finest Locations to Visit in Kortrijk, Belgium

Okayortrijk is a cramped Belgian city that compensates for its dimension with a brilliant culture and amazing displays of architectural feats, all of which were heavily influenced and shaped by its history. You might well be in a space to glance town’s pleasure embedded in its centuries-former flax and linen exchange, as neatly as the ancient Battle of the Golden Spurs within the route of the Franco-Flemish Conflict. Rather a lot of town’s main constructions date from the 13th to 14th century and feature majestic gothic and medieval architecture.

Explore the Begijnhof St Elisabeth

Begijnhof Sint-Elisabeth in Kortrijk Door Lamadude – Eigen werk, Publiek domein, CC

This was a advanced for lay spiritual females who lived there as a community (incessantly referred to as a beguinage), is one of Kortrijk’s high tourist attractions, and as such, is a in actual fact energetic scheme you can’t miss.

The 41 houses on this compound are all from the 17th century. Guided tours feature a behold into the existence of a beguine and the history of the surrounding house.

Visit the Texture Museum

Texture Museum in Kortrijk picture by process of Fb online page

This unique museum opened its doorways to the final public in 2014. It provides traffic an taking part memoir of Kortrijk’s history with the flax and linen exchange, especially with its role within the native economy within the previous and even lately.

You’ll be taught the device in which they make a choice the nick from seedling to the final product and even glance some displays of staunch instruments they former within the previous.

Search for Eglise Notre-Dame (Onze-Lieve-Vrouwekerk)

The Church of Our Woman Kortrijk By PMRMaeyaert – Include work, CC BY-SA 3.0, CC

Except for marveling at its majestic exterior, you shouldn’t miss the chance to enterprise within the route of the oldest church in Kortrijk. Internal, the Chapel of the Counts of Flanders has huge wall artwork of outdated scheme rulers.

It also parts a painting by Van Dyck from 1631 and replicas of the golden spurs taken from the French knights in Battle of the Golden Spurs in 1302.

Strive the Broel Towers

Personal a look on the Broel Towers and bridge over the river Lys in Kortrijk picture by process of Depositphotos

These twin towers made of sandstone and limestone from the 14th and 15th century are left of the medieval walls of the defensive compound effect up by the Counts of Flanders.

They would well well neatly be discovered on either aspect of the Oude Leie river, and you can reach each of them by merely crossing the Broelbrug bridge! You might well be in a space to also be taught about its history within the cramped museum nearby.

Tour via Kortrijk 1302

Kortrijk 1302 – Groeninge Museum Kortrijk by Zeisterre by process of Wikipedia CC

1302 is a essential yr for town because it was the Battle of the Golden Spurs within the route of the Franco-Flemish war. It resulted in an surprising victory for the Flemish and has since change into a source of delight for the country’s Flemish community.

A temporary tour will picture you all you might know about this ancient confrontation.

Scuttle to the City Hall

Kortrijk City Hall Door Trougnouf (Benoit Brummer) – Eigen werk, CC BY-SA 4.0, CC

Known as the Historisch Stadhuis, this city hall has basically the most spectacular and swish facade. Internal, you’ll safe the Aldermen’s Hall and the Council Chamber, which has now grew to change into correct into a wedding venue.

There’s a full sequence of carvings, murals, and artwork within the halls, as neatly as stained glass windows. It’s a obvious must-glance.

Stroll via Jardin des Roses

After having a scrutinize on town’s stone constructions, you’d goal very neatly be in want of feeling the recent skedaddle at this swish garden within the route of town.

The garden boasts of a huge sequence of over 150 species from all around the set up the area. It’s now not a in actual fact huge park, however it makes for a in actual fact silent stroll.

Search for Saint Martin’s Church (Sint-Maartenskerk)

Saint-Martin’s church Kortrijk By Paul Hermans, CC BY-SA 3.0, CC

Any other favorite church within town is Saint Martin’s Church. Built within the route of the 14th century on the identical set up as a Roman church courting support to 650, here is an extraordinary monument.

The internal is architecturally advanced and ornate; you can’t circulation up the chance to determine out photos. The 19th-century bell tower is the tallest construction in Kortrijk.

Exhaust some time at Grote Markt

Grote Markt and the Saint Martin’s Church By Donar Reiskoffer – Include work, CC BY 3.0, CC

Going via town hall is the Grote Markt, the busiest main square within the heart of town. The square is surrounded by very picturesque buildings.

You might well well goal even be lucky sufficient to consult with with when there’s an ongoing cultural tournament taking scheme. But every week, a cramped market opens up within the center, and it’s payment checking out.

Pick a picture with the Belfry.

Belfry of Kortrijk By Lordelicht – Include work, CC BY-SA 3.0, CC

Proudly stood within the route of the Grote Markt, this medieval bell tower built within the 14th century former to be part of the Mild Cloth Hall (Oude Lakenhalle) advanced.

It’ll be laborious to put out of your mind it, and it’s a huge opportunity to adore one of the crucial city’s most iconic symbols.

Pick a BeerWalk Tour

Beerwalk tour Kortrijk

This three-hour beer stroll will make a choice you via to town’s main sights as you sample the reliable beers within the scheme. You’ll be taught the total details in regards to town’s history and culture (and beer brewing) as you consult with some reputable pubs in some key areas.

It’s a in actual fact uncommon expertise.

Shop at Korte Steenstraat

Here’s the predominant pedestrianized shopping twin carriageway within town, and it is miles incessantly the predominant of its form within the country.

You obtained’t safe any autos and the scale of the house is pretty qualified. The Okay in Kortrijk shopping center is a rather unique addition, incorporating many neatly known, global producers.

Strive the Baggaertshof

Courtyard of the Baggaertshof by Luna04 by process of Wikipedia CC

Identified as “Kortrijk’s 2d beguinage,” the Baggaertshof was founded within the early 17th century. Here, you’ll safe some absorbing and neatly preserved medieval houses, an former chapel as neatly, as a majestic medicinal herb garden. It also provides yet another uncommon behold into existence from quite lots of of years ago.

Search for Kortrijk’s windmills

Kortrijk’s windmills by visitflanders by process of Flickr CC

There are loads of ancient and important windmills on this city, this contains the Preetjes and Aalbeke windmills. Built in 1866, the Preetjes windmill was former for flax and is the final of its form in all of Europe.

The Aalbeke is a faded wooden windmill built in 1717 and is determined within the sleek Belgian geographical region.

Pick the “Metamorfose van de stad” walking tour

Kortrijk Downtown at Evening

Metamorfose van de stad, or “Metamorphosis of the City” in English, is a rather unique installment within town set up up by the tourism scheme of job.

You might well be in a space to hang a blueprint or hearken to an audio details and apply the marked route, which is absorbing to determine out you to glance the total main attractions in Kortrijk. It’s a huge option if you’d in actual fact hang to slowly adore town!

In Kortrijk, there’s a share of history in each set up you look! These were correct 15 of the reliable stuff you can manufacture on a consult with to this powerful scheme.

Kortrijk Scuttle back and forth and Tour Programs

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Decide on extra updates about unique kit tours and tourist attractions in Kortrijk, Belgium? Phrase #TeamOutofTown, on Fb, Twitter, Instagram, Bloglovin, and Pinterest for extra streak back and forth solutions.

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