Cantonese congee with century eggs and minced pork

We’ve covered Chinese tea eggs sooner than, nonetheless century eggs (皮蛋 pí dàn), also in most cases known as thousand-year-historical eggs, are duck eggs preserved in a aggregate of clay, ash, tea leaves, salt, quicklime, and rice hulls for quite a lot of weeks or months. The eggs possess a special umami which will probably be pungent on the starting up put, nonetheless the salty, jelly egg white and the creamy yolk takes over, and must mild amaze you. Sliced century egg may perhaps well moreover be served as an appetizer.

You will probably be in a space to gain ready-to-eat century eggs at an Asian supermarket. Must you decrease into the eggs, be determined that to rinse your knife so that the yolk doesn’t salvage caught to the knife.

I clutch using an instantaneous pot to cook congee, because it requires much less effort and generates the acceptable consequence. A stovetop model will also be provided within the stay.

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