Christmas Cracker Candy

Who wants Christmas Cracker Candy?! Saltine crackers lined with caramel and chocolate make a salty, crunchy holiday tackle. What’s no longer to love?

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With this classic Christmas tackle, saltine crackers rep a double dunking: first in caramel after which in chocolate.

The end result is a salty, crunchy, chocolate-lined tackle that’s with regards to no longer doable to quit eating.

What Is Christmas Cracker Candy?

Fixed stirring as you are making the caramel mixture gives you a executed candy that’s nearer to the feel of pralines than English toffee. You might perchance perchance perchance merely maintain a deep caramel model, nonetheless the bites are fairly comfy and straight forward to bite. The crispiness comes from the crackers themselves.

You might perchance perchance perchance perchance rep admire and sprinkle nuts, coconut flakes, or holiday-colored sprinkles on high so as for you, nonetheless I’m a purist by diagram of my Christmas cracker candy. I love it merely as is.

The handiest thing I would take into consideration is a sprinkling of crunchy Maldon sea salt on high of the chocolate to make them even more crunchy and salty. But I’m terrified that if I form that, I could perchance perchance merely no longer quit eating them!

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Is This the Similar As Christmas Crack?

We aged to name this savory tackle “Christmas Crack,” which is its most total title. But loads of readers wrote asking us to trade the title on account of it makes mild of one thing that is a if truth be told true dependancy for a range of americans. We agree, hence this recipe’s original title “Christmas Cracker Candy.”

How Pause the Layers From Surroundings apart

The chocolate layer keeping apart from the caramel layer is a total scenario with Christmas cracker candy. Right here are about a guidelines to attend prevent that from going down:

  • Negate chopped chocolate as a replace of chips, and the chocolate layer would perchance be more at possibility of stick. Chocolate chips maintain a non-melting coating to attend them succor their shape. But after they soften, the coating can prevent the chocolate from sticking to the toffee.
  • Keep faraway from chocolates with a if truth be told high share of cacao. These chocolates maintain more of a tendency to change into brittle and spoil away the cracker layer.
  • Guarantee your chocolate is fully melted so it be ready to switch when the saltine toffee layer is ready.
  • Let the toffee layer frigid for 1 minute and no longer! The toffee desires to peaceable be rather warm for the chocolate to stay. (Whenever you happen to omit and the caramel cools, merely pop it advantage within the oven for a few minutes.
  • If your chocolate isn’t melting or spreading without dispute on the original toffee (or caramel and crackers) within the sheet pan, use a hair dryer to re-soften the chocolate till it’s workable. Or pop the pan in a 300°F oven for a minute or so.
  • Frigid overnight within the fridge (no longer the freezer). Freezing diagram the layers frigid out of the blue, which is able to every so regularly reason them to separate. Whenever you happen to’ve got to freeze, let the crackers warm up for about 10 minutes sooner than cracking.

Typically despite all of your easiest efforts, the chocolate melts at a temperature that makes it shrink when it hardens, pulling it faraway from the toffee layer. Next time, strive a sure trace of chocolate.

Ideas to Adapt This Recipe

  • Swap the saltines for Ritz crackers, graham crackers, or any other cracker
  • Swap the darkish chocolate for any other favourite chocolate. Or add a drizzle of white chocolate over high!
  • Whereas the chocolate is peaceable melty, sprinkle on a half of cup of chopped nuts, coconut flakes, crushed pretzels, dried fruit, or the rest that strikes your admire!

Salvage more solutions in this post: 5 Ideas to High Your Christmas Cracker Candy.

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Up to the moment December 7, 2020 : We spiffed up this post with some additional guidelines to give attend to make the absolute top Christmas cracker candy ever. No changes to the real recipe, as an alternative of clarifying about a capabilities. Salvage pleasure from!

Christmas Cracker Candy Recipe

Indubitably feel free so that you can add 1/2 cup of chopped nuts or coconut flakes on high when you’ve poured the melted chocolate.

You might perchance perchance perchance perchance use darker chocolate with better percentages of cacao, nonetheless these chocolates every so regularly change into brittle and spoil away the cracker layer.

We counsel cooling this candy overnight within the fridge since cooling within the freezer can reason the chocolate layer and the cracker layer to separate within the event you spoil the candy. Whenever you happen to’ve got to freeze, let the crackers warm up for about 10 minutes sooner than cracking.


  • 28 to 35 saltine crackers (about one sleeve, ample to line your tray)
  • 1 cup (220 g) packed darkish brown sugar
  • 1 cup (225 g or 2 sticks) unsalted butter
  • 1/4 teaspoon kosher salt
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 2 cups (10 to 12 ounces) precise-quality semi-candy chocolate, chopped
  • Jelly roll pan (10×15-inches)


1 Preheat the oven to 400F. Line a 10×15-saunter jelly roll pan with nonstick aluminum foil (most in model) or in model heavy accountability foil, making definite that the foil fully covers the bottom and sides of the pan. If using in model foil, spray lightly with baking spray. Line the saltine crackers in a single layer on the bottom.

2 Originate the caramel sauce: Spot the brown sugar, butter and salt in a medium sized saucepan. Cook dinner on medium heat, stirring commonly, till the butter melts. Continue to cook, stirring every so regularly, for one other 3 to 5 minutes, merely till the mix involves a boil and starts to darken. Settle on from heat and tear within the vanilla extract.

(Show: You are no longer if truth be told making precise caramel right here, so that you map no longer deserve to be as proper or grief about the temperature of the caramel. Correct be definite it involves a boil and look forward to it to darken a bit, then continue.)

3 Pour the original brown sugar mixture over the saltine crackers. Spread to evenly coat the crackers.

4 Switch the pan to the oven and bake for five minutes. The caramel would perchance be hot and bubbly.

5 Melt the chocolate: Spot the chocolate in a microwave-pleasant bowl. Cook dinner it within the microwave in 30-2nd intervals at paunchy vitality, stirring between every cook time, till the chocolate has melted.

6 Pour the chocolate over the baked crackers: As soon as the crackers are executed baking, decide from oven and enable to frigid for 1 minute exactly, till the caramel is no longer bubbling. Then pour the melted chocolate over the crackers. Negate a spatula to spread the chocolate evenly over the tip.

7 Chill the crackers overnight: Let the crackers frigid to room temperature then switch to the refrigerator and frigid over evening.

8 Crack the crackers: The crackers will bear a single sheet as soon as frigid. Settle on from pan and gently peel the foil away, being cautious no longer to lumber the foil. (If any bits of foil lumber and rep stuck within the caramel, spoil those bits away and discard.) Lower the candy into snack-sized objects using a cooks knife (you might perchance perchance use your hands, too, nonetheless I receive it more straightforward with a knife).

Retailer in an airtight container within the refrigerator for about per week.

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