Clean Green: A Czech H-D Sportster cafe racer

Even within the occasion that they require identical abilities, the custom bike and automobile worlds are vastly a range of. But they assemble most continuously meet. Within the Czech Republic there’s a modest garage where Harley-Davidsons and Chevrolets stand side-by-side.

Rusty Pistons Storage is a puny workshop essentially based fully in Chlumec nad Cidlinou, a town fair east of Prague within the Czech Republic with a population of 5,000. It’s bustle by Martin Photo voltaic, who’s additionally the only real real dressmaker and mechanic, and he loves V-twins and V8s in equal measure.

Rather than specialist projects like CNC-milling and airbrush work, Martin handles all the pieces himself, with encourage from a chum who pops in on weekends and within the evenings.

The workshop supports the significant Rusty Pistons alternate—an apparel firm producing “standard of living garage set up aside on.” This lean, green 2007-model Harley-Davidson Sportster was built as a advertising tool for the emblem, nonetheless it undoubtedly’s an uncommon fashion for Martin, who on the total leans in opposition to bobbers and choppers.

So why device a cafe racer? Straightforward: Martin literally had a candy space of wheels kicking around, and wanted a mission that will assemble them justice.

“I had an pair of BST carbon wheels lying sluggish, and it was a shame no longer to exhaust them,” he says. “I set up aside the wheels on the assembly table and wondered what to assemble with them. Since I had by no manner built a cafe racer, I took it as a anguish.”

“I admire technology and all the pieces about MotoGP, though I safe a chopper for riding.”

The 17” wheels had been before all the pieces supposed for a Suzuki GSX-R1000, so it took some wizardry to compare them to the Sportster. Martin needed to amass away each wheel’s provider, then win them made over on a CNC machine, so that he could maybe exhaust the Harley axles, disc mounts and belt pressure. He additionally added custom brake discs (and contemporary pads) from the Czech firm GOLDFren.

In both the hotrod and cafe racer scenes, stance is all the pieces—and Martin did a killer job right here. The Sporty’s entrance forks had been upgraded with a space of innovative springs from Hyperpro, and the rear was propped up with a space of Hyperpro shocks.

And the notoriously swoopy Sportster bone line has been fastened with an all-contemporary subframe.

Sitting on high is a full complement of safe-n-combine bodywork, with every portion cleverly modified to compare up. Martin sourced an Aermacchi entrance fairing made by Motoforza in California, nonetheless it undoubtedly was too big and had no mounts. So he shortened and narrowed it, reshaped it, and built a up to date mounting frame from 7 mm steel tubing.

Appropriate within the abet of it is miles a space of Rebuffini triple trees, with customized clip-ons and Roland Sands Invent grips. The speedo’s a digital unit from Koso, and the switchgear is inventory Harley.

For the fuel tank, Martin sourced an aftermarket unit that matched the vibe he was after, then modified it to compare the Harley’s frame. The OEM fuel pump wanted to be integrated too.

The tailpiece is from C-Racer in Greece, nonetheless it undoubtedly’s additionally been tweaked. Martin and co. prolonged it on the entrance so it would meet up with the fuel tank, and ‘sharpened’ the tail reside to compare the waspish subframe. It’s capped off with a C-Racer seat pad, and a puny LED taillight is embedded within the abet.

Other custom bits consist of a up to date oil tank (fair within the abet of the entrance wheel), and a custom battery field (fair in entrance of the abet wheel), housing a Lithium-ion battery. Martin additionally fabricated contemporary employ headers, and grafted on an Akrapovič reside can. And he set up aside in Roland Sands rear sets and Kellermann turn indicators to assemble issues off.

Martin didn’t fiddle with the Sportster’s 1200 cc motor, nonetheless he didn’t in fact salvage to either. With less total weight, less rotational mass and better suspension, this Sportster will presumably shock you on the motorway—right after that green metalflake paint job kicks you within the teeth.

Rusty Pistons | Fb | Instagram | Photos by Marek Zachař (studio) and Jan Somerauer (out of doorways)

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