Cobra Kai Season Finale Review: Redemption

F*ck yeah, we in the end are getting the Johnny and Daniel group up we now receive wished! 

Recent allegiances, quite redemption, and nostalgia were the secret for Cobra Kai Season 3 Episode 9 and Cobra Kai Season 3 Episode 10.

It used to be a stunning crescendo, which form the third season feel like a warm- up for a if truth be told yarn fourth season.

With the records that they were renewed for a fourth season, Cobra Kai might presumably decide on their time constructing up the narrative at a preferable tempo with the comfort and assurance of shimmering they’ve time.

For the time being, there might be no longer if truth be told certainty, but since they’re already filming the next season, hopefully, Netflix might presumably no longer sucker punch us like with other sequence. Things are getting nice looking.

We obtained our Ali payout. Staunch when it used to be seeming as though she wouldn’t form a bodily look, Ali came reduction on town for the holidays.

For some cause, the timeline used to be confounding, so the surprising Christmas theme came as quite of a shock.

First and important put, it looked as though Ali had valid hobby in rekindling something with Johnny, and it used to be quite hectic given the event Johnny made with Carmen.

What’s the topic, sensei? Can not let your guard down or too anxious?


Carmen and Johnny spent a graceful evening collectively, and their morning after scene used to be one of the sweetest they had. Carmen has a technique of seeing lawful through Johnny and barely than assuming the worst of him, she known as him out on his grief of failing in a relationship.

Johnny is continuously terrified he goes to screw up a lawful factor, and that’s the reason what he considers Carmen. He also knows that if he messes up, it impacts his relationship with Miguel too.

In lots of techniques, it’s a long way a lawful factor that Ali came into the image when she did. Johnny spent the day reconnecting with her and feeling young again, but as she mentioned, the previous should always remain there. They might be able to’t stir reduction.

For nostalgia’s sake, it used to be enjoyable. They had a couple of heated moments and a shut to-kiss, but overall, they were two venerable associates reconnecting.

And the double date with Daniel and Amanda on the commute occasion used to be the friendly. We obtained both Daniel and Ali’s views on why they parted techniques, and Ali did no longer thoughts taking a couple of jabs at both of her exes.

Ironically, Ali is what it took for Johnny and Daniel to let bygones be bygones. She used to be lawful. They both receive their version of no topic happened between them, and the fact is someplace in the center.

She’s also lawful about how identical they are. They’ve extra in traditional than both of them care to admit.

Ali: That is precisely the topic. You train one factor, after which you train the replacement. You both agree with there might be solely one side to the narrative.

Johnny: I do know. There might be two.

Ali: No, there might be three. There might be your side, and there might be your side, after which there might be the fact. And the fact is perhaps you to see formulation of yourself in every other, and presumably you largely like what you explore. I bet it’s imaginable some exiguous portion of all of this is my fault.

Daniel: Yeah. Me too.

I like how the parallels also prolonged to Daniel and Miguel. Miguel couldn’t reconcile Johnny as the rich cramped one attributable to who his sensei is now. And it taken aback him how great his existence narrative mirrored that of Daniel.

Ali might presumably’ve been a typhoon — one extra factor that obtained between Johnny and Daniel, or she might presumably’ve led to issues in both males’s relationships too, but she used to be a blessing.

It be such a refreshing decide on to receive first loves return and no longer trigger needless drama. Ali and Amanda had no stress between them and hit it off properly. They’re going to doubtlessly remain excellent.

Daniel and Kumiko had some candy moments, but there wasn’t a level where his marriage used to be jeopardized. It be all very broken-down and removed from the primitive drama most presentations resort to the employ of.

The timing couldn’t had been extra ideally edifying as Kreese and his cramped minions upped the ante with their villainy.

At the pause of the day, it appears to be just like the kids who confronted a rough lifestyle are the ones who join no topic what.

Hawk can glean as many tattoos as he likes and dye his hair no topic he chooses, but he’ll continuously be Eli, the center-class suburban cramped one.

The enemy of your enemy is your buddy.


It pales in comparasion to the “infamous side of the tracks” characters like Kreese, Tory, and Robby. Hawk couldn’t stamp how with out issues they welcomed Robby into the fold.

Sadly, Robby suits in with Cobra Kai completely lawful now.

It be absurd that Robby and Tory participated in Kreese’s cobra order when they’re both on probation, but they drank the Kreese Kool-Wait on.

Daddy issues are a bitch. He offers them the total attention they agree with they need, and so they’re moldable.

Hawk noticed that Robby used to be Kreese’s fresh pet, and he used to be no longer the friendly factor at Cobra Kai.

It used to be severe for his eventual moment of redemption.

Sam and Miguel rekindling their cramped romance is neither right here nor there. Daniel used to be a temper and a half of, looking to determine what the hell Sam used to be doing with her revolving door of karate kicking boyfriends.

Sam: Near on, Dad. It be no longer 1984.

Daniel: Figuring out you might presumably presumably be increasing up now. You are a young girl, I glean it. It unswerving looks like in this previous yr it’s been Kyler. Miguel, Robby, and reduction to Miguel. You are including extra drama on your existence than you will want.

It does carry extra drama into her existence than she wants. Someplace available, Miguel and Sam ‘shippers are celebrating, but the romantic entanglements are inclined to distract and travel.

Nevertheless, Sam and Miguel enact work effectively collectively. They were lawful about getting the two dojos collectively to fight Cobra Kai.

They’re going to solely defeat the Valley’s legion of assholes in the occasion that they worked collectively.

Finally Demetri noticed the necessity of allyship, and he had the friendly speech, referencing how they’ve all obtained sucked into Cobra Kai forward of.

We wanted one other huge-scale brawl to heighten the stakes again and pressure all people to their respective sides.

Heard you were throwing a occasion. Hope you do no longer thoughts if we smash.


But should always it continuously hinge on Tory being a hot-headed, overly-emotional bitch and not utilizing a boundaries? Beginning a fight on the high college is one factor, but Cobra Kai coming to the LaRusso dwelling and destroying property while battling people is absurd.

Who does that? In the particular world, each final this kind of cramped pendejos might presumably presumably be sitting in jail.

For that on my own, the fight used to be participating extra than anything else.

Cobra Kai requires a dialog in regards to the one-dimensional writing of the young female characters on this sequence. They’ll and should always be unswerving as compelling as their male counterparts.

Tory is many of the time reduced to, if I am inserting it bluntly, an grievous hoodrat. Now not even the transient peek of her dwelling existence is sufficient to pick out out or garner sympathy. Moon and Yasmine are underused teen girl caricatures, and I explain they enact no longer know what to enact with them.

And fandom has undoubtedly made their sentiments diagnosed about Sam, who’s if truth be told bogged down by the weight of a cliched care for triangle that doesn’t encourage her effectively. Ironically, this is one other cause it’s dejected that Aisha vanishes with out great of a 2d-thought.

We receive male rivalries and bromances, and the complexities that near with them, but the same is no longer if truth be told prolonged to the feminine characters, and you might presumably presumably have faith and imagine there are unswerving as many girls folk tuned in and unswerving as invested in all, including the girls folk, kicking ass and having persona model.

Howdy, pussies! That is precisely what these assholes at Cobra Kai decide on. Since you were one of ’em, you might presumably presumably be an asshole. So are you. So used to be I, no longer no longer up to I used to be looking to be one. But now, Cobra Kai is the worst assortment of assholes in the Valley, plug by the King of all Assholes.

So if by merging with Eagle Fang, uncommon name incidentally, can pick us all from being shit on anymore, then we might presumably all be assholes no longer to enact it. I am sorry for the total “assholes.” I usuallu decide on pleasure in my grandiloquece, but it undoubtedly’s an emotional time.


Sam’s ongoing struggles facing Tory would’ve been a ideally edifying opportunity to showcase the friendship between her and Aisha, as an illustration. And Aisha might presumably’ve unswerving as with out issues been Eagle Fang or Miyagi Stop’s first recruit from Cobra Kai after the brawl.

As a replace, we now receive the crimson meat between Tory and Sam, over a boy no much less.

As Hawk wavered, Tory has emerged as extra villainous than ever. She used to be even rocking a skeleton hoodie.

Tory smashing Mr. Miyagi’s photo irked, and it will be a glowing day when she can get her ass kicked.

Fortunately, Sam overcame her alarm sufficient to face Tory and produce some ground. No, she did no longer beat her, but she’s no longer worried of her, and that’s the reason a open.

Tory is unbiased too a long way down the rabbit gap, and she’s infected. She feels betrayed by all of them, and now that functions Hawk.

Sooner or later, we now receive some Hawk redemption, though. It both took plan too long and happened faster than anticipated.

Figuring out, man. I am sorry. For all of it. Stop you wanna lend a hand me take this factor?


He stood throughout the LaRussos residing room and took in his surroundings. He thought about all of the things people receive mentioned to him over time.

And he made a replacement.

His fellow Cobra Kai contributors were calling to him to shatter Demetri’s arm again.

Hawk’s virtually about Jesus moment, to be capable to talk, used to be a rattling relief, and each 2d he spent battling his veteran mates and dealing alongside Demetri to enact so used to be fulfilling.

Miguel gaining the energy to fight reduction extra unheard of used to be one other tremendous moment. In that sense, the subtle time jump used to be mandatory to realistically eradicate Miguel’s therapeutic inch.

Meanwhile, the adults were undoubtedly preserving their very receive.

We had no belief how the LaRussos reacted when they obtained dwelling, but we did explore the particular moment Johnny had a murderous gleam in his scrutinize.

He used to be on such a high, headed to train Carmen that he cherished her, to a low when he noticed Miguel’s face.

Carmen, I- what happened?


And if what happened to Miguel wasn’t sufficient, Johnny used to be furious when he noticed Robby at Cobra Kai wearing a uniform.

Johnny regularly confirmed hesitation every time he went to blows along with his mentor, but he wasn’t preserving reduction this time.

It used to be one other moment among many all season that highlighted how great Johnny has grown and the plan in which a long way he has near from the drunken guy lying on his residing room ground in a heaping mess.

Johnny has people he cares about and a sense of cause. He has a brand fresh self perception and maturity, too.

Most ceaselessly it’s lawful to search recommendation from the previous to take hang of where you might presumably presumably be now, but you can’t stay in the previous.


I am so cheerful with him and his inch. It be one of basically the most spell binding sides of this sequence, and again, Zabka works magic along with his nuanced performance of this sneakily complex persona.

Despite subjecting to this routine theme of legacy, Kreese had no qualms about killing Johnny, and it’s hectic. The particular person has long gone mad.

But it used to be Robby who kept Johnny from harming Kreese any extra, and the standoff between father and son used to be painful.

Robby has chosen to focal point all of his infuriate and hatred toward Johnny. You detest to sight it, but it undoubtedly’s also something that used to be a truly long time coming.

all these years you weren’t there, I blamed myself. Sensei Kreese is lawful. I will be capable to’t be my receive worst enemy. But you are going to also be!


For all of Johnny’s enhancements, he has struggled basically the most with Robby. He screwed up in the previous, and he has loads to form up for with him.

He serene hasn’t performed the friendly job now, and the chickens are coming dwelling to roost attributable to it. Of the total kids, Robby’s region is mainly the most understandable. 

Where has he resided since his launch? As a long way as we know, he’s homeless, so he’s staying at Cobra Kai. How great of an effort enact both Johnny or Daniel save into getting him reduction heading in the right direction? Now not as great as with Sam or Miguel.

Yeah, Robby locations up a fight, and he pushes people away, no longer no longer like his father, but they supply him dwelling when they should always double-down. All he needs is any person to fight for him as laborious as they enact everything else, and sadly, no one ever does. 

He’s a monster of their very receive introduction, and solely now will they fight like hell to no longer solely decide on Kreese down, but additionally glean Robby reduction.

You might presumably presumably’t lend a hand but feel for the cramped one, and Kreese offers the affect that he understands him. Every other discipline is a fixed one for Johnny. He doesn’t discuss effectively in any recognize. 

Kreese: What took you see you later?

Johnny: Robby, what are you doing right here?

Kreese: He’s precisely where he belongs. As are you. Three generations of Cobra Kai working collectively. We might presumably no longer unswerving dominate the tournament. We’ll soften this total snowflake generation.

Miguel had no theory that Johnny used to be a veteran rich cramped one, nor did he find out about reasonably a couple of the things that Johnny handled increasing up. It be something you might presumably presumably presumably search files from Johnny to portion. 

Johnny hasn’t shared any of his previous with Robby both. Maybe if he urged Robby about Kreese years in the past, then Robby wouldn’t be inclined to Kreese’s influence now. 

If Johnny shared extra about himself with these shut to him, his relationships might presumably presumably be loads stronger. And but, I eagerly predict the day when the father and son can glean on the same page.

They both should always meet every other midway, and as great as I like Johnny, he has to establish out extra unheard of. But he takes the ideally edifying steps now. It be too atrocious Robby used to be knocked out and did no longer explore or hear how great his father used to be battling for him.

Daniel: You pick your cobra kais a long way off from our kids.

Kreese: It be a free country.

Johnny: Now not for you. Cobra Kai’s gotta stir, for lawful.

No plan does he decide on to sight his son in the clutches of the same man who corrupted and ruined him. The ongoing cycle of mentors/students and fathers and sons, legacy — it’s if truth be told poignant. 

It used to be also mountainous of Johnny that he did no longer bat an scrutinize when Daniel swooped in and undoubtedly rescued him. I like that both males had a stir at Kreese, and they obtained some lawful licks in too.

Daniel inserting these stress parts to make employ of used to be a spotlight of the finale.

Macchio offers us stuffy surbanite and sitcom dad effectively, but rattling it’s hot and thrilling when the badass comes out. If no longer for Sam and Miguel’s arrival, both Daniel and Johnny might presumably agree that Kreese mandatory to be performed. And with the callback to that important Miyagi/Kreese scene, Daniel’s transformation to a brand fresh version of him is total.

Daniel and Johnny are a ambitious group, but Kreese took obedient thing in regards to the kids’ presence, and he proposed they decide on it to the tournament as a replace. 

Ali helped Johnny and Daniel save their previous in the reduction of them, no longer no longer up to until they safe one other cause to bicker. I doubt the rivarly is boring for lawful. 

But great like Kreese himself mentioned about allegiances, the two fathers receive a normal enemy in Kreese, and he brought them collectively in a technique that no one and nothing else can.

Kreese has long gone too a long way. 

Daniel: You ready?

Johnny: Let’s open up!

Did anything else glean you further hype than veteran Cobra Kai contributors Hawk and Mitch reuniting with their associates Demetri and Chris at Miyagi Stop?

Better but, were you as pumped as I used to be when Johnny walked into the Miyagi Stop dojo, bandanna wrapped round his head, and he and Daniel bowed to every other and assembled their mishmash neighborhood of students?

It had some severe “Avengers Assemble” vitality, and I am residing for it! All they need is a brand fresh name, which they’ll doubtlessly introduce when the newly aligned dojos hit the All Valley Tournament to compete with Cobra Kai.

It be going to be a hell of a fight, too. There are so great of match-u.s.that’ll receive us on the purpose of our seats: Hawk versus Kyler, Miguel versus Robby, and Sam versus Tory, too.

Daniel: You sent them to my dwelling! You came after my daughter, you son of a bitch! You wished a fight, you obtained one.

Kreese: I urged you this used to be inevitable. You might presumably presumably’t gain this defense solely shit eternally.

The topic is we do no longer know what Kreese has up his sleeve next. Martin Kove is spectacuarly devilish and having a blast right here. Kreese is a glowing villain and advesary for this sequence.  

It appears to be just like the flashbacks no longer solely gave us insight into how he grew to modified into who he’s now, but it undoubtedly also led us to the moment when he known as Twigs, decades later, to call in a debt. Does this mean Twigs is Terry Silver, and used to be that the beginning put narrative of their friendship?!

Kreese used to be in rate for his unit’s eradicate in Vietnam, and his Captain wouldn’t let him put out of your mind it. Their captors had a sadistic plan of nice looking themselves with the American POWs.

They made them fight to the death with the loser ending up in a snake pit stuffed with cobras. And there we now receive the origins of Cobra Kai.

I owe you man. You saved my ass. The leisure you will want. I am there for you. All of your existence, you hear me Johnny? All of your existence. I am right here for you.


Kreese took Twigs’ predicament against their Captain, and it used to be then that his mentor urged him about Betsy’s death. It used to be foolish of him to agree with it would weaken Kreese. As a replace, it made him ruthless with out nothing else to stay for, and the sociopath we know used to be born.

Kreese did no longer should always abolish his Captain. Their rescuers were there, and all he had to enact used to be pull him reduction up. As a replace, he worn the particular person’s idealogy against him and tossed him in the pit as a replace. 

No mercy. Kreese hasn’t shown any of that ever since. 

It be a hell of an beginning put narrative, and it did form him a extra difficult persona than anticipated. 

Twigs promised him everlasting gratitude and a lifetime’s debt attributable to what Kreese did. Assuming Twigs is Silver, then this locations their total relationship in standpoint and affords extra context. Cobra Kai has pulled out all of the stops bringing reduction classic characters, and if Terry Silver is one of them, then this if truth be told is a sport-changer. 

The anticipation is unbiased too great, and the fourth season can’t near like a flash sufficient! 

Over to you, Cobra Kai Fanatics! 

How are we feeling about that Johnny and Daniel group-up? Did Hawk’s turnaround happen too like a flash? Can they put Robby from himself and Kreese? 

Hit the feedback below with your total thoughts and reactions! 

Jasmine Blu is a senior group creator for TV Fanatic. Apply her on Twitter.

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