Cummins Discontinues ReCon DPF Program

Though Cummins’ web bid silent lists ReCon remanufactured DPFs, HDT has realized it is discontinuing them.

Checklist: Display conceal snatch from Cummins’ web bid

Cummins is discontinuing sale of its ReCon remanufactured diesel particulate filters, HDT has realized.

The engine and aftertreatment system maker hasn’t publicly introduced this, to the relevant of our facts, nonetheless HDT has got a duplicate of a Cummins ServiceLine E-newsletter sent to carrier areas indicating it will stay the sale of remanufactured DPFs on Jan. 2, 2021.

Within the newsletter, Cummins talked about the decision to phase out ReCon DPFs is a outcome of lowered build a matter to for the product and a decline within the fantastic of incoming cores.

“Of the core that is silent being returned, we are seeing a deteriorating fantastic that is no longer conducive for remanufacturing.” The bulletin furthermore notes, “Attributable to the changes within the product offering, we’ve strategically adjusted our pricing for contemporary DPFs in 2021 to stay aggressive on the market.”

Cummins has no longer replied to just a few requests for affirmation and commentary. Then as soon as more, just a few varied sources bear confirmed the tips, including carrier stores in possession of the newsletter and a Cummins buyer give a use to manager.

As of Jan. 5, the company’s DPF web web page silent featured ReCon DPFs.

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