deiveson-figueiredo reveals-trip-to-hospital-night-before-ufc-256:-‘the-fight-almost-didn’t-happen’

Deiveson Figueiredo reveals trip to hospital night before UFC 256: ‘The fight almost didn’t happen’

UFC flyweight champ Deiveson Figueiredo almost didn’t invent it to his 2nd title protection at UFC 256.

After struggling with Brandon Moreno to a design within the indispensable tournament of Saturday’s pay-per-imprint tournament, Figueiredo revealed he suffered a health fright that endangered his warfare.

“Final night I had a abdomen an infection; I was within the health middle until 2 a.m., came right here to warfare with my abdomen fat of wind, and didn’t know if I would warfare properly at present time, and that’s what occurred,” Figueiredo suggested UFC commentator Joe Rogan in Portuguese. “This warfare went the distance, but I in fact won. Even with a despicable abdomen, I came right here and won, defended what’s mine. I gave my blood with hour and came out with my fingers raised.”

Figueiredo used to be transported to the health middle after the warfare.
Photo by task of Wallid Ismail

Among these by his facet used to be his longtime supervisor Wallid Ismail, who after the warfare posted a video of the flyweight champ being transported aid to the health middle for a checkup.

Speaking with MMA Combating moments after the warfare, Ismail indicated the points had been connected to Figueiredo’s weight lower, which required him to invent 125 kilos for the 2nd time in three weeks, an unheard of feat among UFC champs, even supposing there dangle been no points on the scale.

“He had constipation all the intention thru weight lower,” Ismail stated. “The warfare almost didn’t happen. He only fought so the pay-per-imprint wouldn’t lose the indispensable tournament. He didn’t even relief the meeting after the [weigh-ins] on myth of he didn’t dangle a ethical rehydration after the weigh-ins. He made weight so without bother on Thursday afternoon.”

UFC President Dana White used to be responsive to the champ’s health self-discipline and used to take into accout the promotion would possibly perhaps well loose its indispensable tournament on Saturday. But despite the total lot the twists and turns of 2020, the hiccup, he stated, “perfect success getting me to recoil at something else.”

“Any time a guy goes to the health middle, you’re at chance,” White stated. “Obviously, we gave him [the option], invent you lift to ought to warfare, or invent you no longer ought to warfare, it’s up to you. He used to be obviously cleared medically, but he had the chance to warfare or no longer warfare, and he wished to warfare.”

Fortunately for MMA fans around the enviornment, Figueiredo pushed thru and delivered a “Strive against of the Year” candidate within the promotion’s remaining pay-per-imprint warfare of 2020. The champ stated he “felt admire a champion each round” and believed he’d won the warfare, but he didn’t take self-discipline with some degree deduction that ticket him the warfare on two of three judges scorecards.

“The referee did his job, I poked Moreno’s gape and the kick unfortunately went low even supposing that’s no longer what I wanted,” he stated. “The referee did his job, but gentle, after he took the point, I particular to brawl and knock him out shapely there. But I couldn’t, and thank God I went until the tip and gave this spectacle to the fans that are used to seeing my fights being over within the first round. I showed them at present time that I’m right here. If we budge past the first round, we’ll warfare five rounds until the tip. I’ll only disappear there on a stretcher.”

With the buzz palpable after UFC 256’s headliner, rematch used to be the be conscious on everybody’s minds. And whereas it won’t happen straight away, Figueiredo is gripping to take on Moreno a 2nd time.

“If they ought to position him in there all every other time for me, leisure assured that this time I’ll invent the shapely camp to neutralize his game,” he stated. “I’m right here for whatever Dana needs me to invent. Dana White, I’m at your disposal. I stayed to defend a pay-per-imprint and needed to invent weight in less than 20 days all every other time to position on this repeat. So, Dana, I’m at your disposal. Can dangle to you lift to ought to invent the rematch, budge for it. [But first] I’ll budge dwelling and catch pleasure from my son and my family a limited bit bit, let me breathe pretty since the machine needs it.”

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