DHL Express to Deploy 89 Electric Delivery Vans in NY and California

The Lightning Electric Ford Transit 350HD electrical van can attain 61 MPGe when in contrast with 13 mpg for equivalent gasoline-powered vehicles.

Record courtesy of Lightning eMotors. 

DHL Divulge, the explicit birth arm of world postal giant Deutsche Post DHL Community, plans to deploy 89 Lightning Electric Ford Transit 350HD electrical vehicles this year in New York and California. The deployment follows an preliminary pilot program in the U.S. remaining year using nine of the an analogous vehicles, manufactured by Lightning eMotors.

The original electrical vehicles can attain 61 MPGe when in contrast with 13 mpg for equivalent gasoline-powered vehicles, the businesses said in a press release on March 24. The vehicles additionally include proprietary telematics and analytics instrument to support with route optimization, driver coaching, and automotive efficiencies. 

The replacement-gasoline automotive fleet for DHL Divulge in the U.S. already involves fully electrical, hybrid-electrical, and well-organized diesel units, to boot as e-cargo bikes. DHL additionally began piloting four electrical tractor-trailer vehicles in the Los Angeles market to haul goods to and from the DHL LAX Gateway and native carrier centers.

On March 22, Deutsche Post DHL Community announced an accelerated roadmap to decarbonization, which involves investing 7 billion euros over the next 10 years to cleave relief its CO2 emissions. 

Lightning eMotors designs and manufactures zero-emission-automotive (ZEV) alternatives for industrial fleets, including Class 3 cargo and passenger vehicles, Class 4 and 5 cargo vehicles and shuttle buses, Class 6 work vehicles, college buses, Class 7 metropolis buses, and Class A motor coaches.

After lately involving its headquarters and rising its square photos, in January Lightning eMotors added one other 107,000 square ft on its headquarters campus for a total of 231,000 square ft of station for operations.

The company announced the hiring of a brand original chief procurement officer, Steve Ivsan, in March.  

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