Did Islamic State make comeback to opposition areas in countryside of Aleppo?

Jan 16, 2021

ALEPPO, Syria — Syria TV correspondent and journalist Bahaa al-Halabi survived an assassination strive Jan. 6 in the Turkish-backed opposition-managed metropolis of al-Bab in the northeastern geographical region of Aleppo. The strive took space outdoors Halabi’s house, as masked individuals intercepted his non-public automobile and fired their bullets straight at him.

The incident sparked controversy and dread amongst activists and journalists in the opposition areas in the geographical region of Aleppo. Speculations soared in regards to the entity in the support of this form of operations. Some comprise the incident is which ability that of the security chaos that al-Bab and other opposition-managed areas are experiencing in the geographical region of Aleppo. They comprise bombings and assassinations are basically applied by agents of the Syrian regime or the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), which every and each part an pastime in perpetuating the protection chaos in the distance.

Other journalists comprise the try to assassinate Halabi has the Islamic Tell’s (IS) fingerprints all the intention by it. IS individuals excel on this form of assassination. Of their specialize in, the incident ushers in the return of the organization to the opposition areas in the geographical region of Aleppo by its agents.

On Dec. 12, 2020, journalist Hussein Khattab was assassinated in a the same manner in al-Bab. Two masked individuals shot him in the metropolis middle while he was making ready a press file. Opposition police and public security forces enjoy to this level been unable to utter the perpetrators’ identity.

The Union of Syrian Media in Aleppo geographical region issued a mutter Jan. 6, calling on “all authorities that enjoy space themselves up as trustees and in mark for the distance, its security and the protection of its residents to raise their position in inserting forward security and deterring terrorist cells.”

“We is no longer going to stand by idly while we specialize in our protected areas flip accurate into a hotbed of terrorism,” it warned.

Al-Tune met President of the Union of Syrian Media Saad al-Saad, who talked about, “The try to assassinate Halabi and the assassination of Khattab reaped fright in the hearts of journalists and activists in the opposition areas. All of us would possibly well likely also be a goal for terrorism if the protection quandary is no longer managed and the agents working in favor of the terrorist organizations have to no longer prosecuted. I perform no longer rule out that IS would possibly well likely well merely be the culprit, however the regime or SDF would possibly well likely well merely be in the support of these operations as properly. This topic is open to many speculations since the opposition police forces enjoy to this level been unable to decide the identity or affiliation of the perpetrators.”

Galal Talawi, journalist and member of the Union of Syrian Media, told Al-Tune that opposition security and militia institutions must intensify their efforts in managing the protection quandary in al-Bab and Aleppo’s geographical region. “Terrorists would possibly well likely well lengthen their actions in the coming length in the event that they’re no longer prosecuted and hit with an iron fist,” he talked about.

Fears of an IS comeback in the opposition-managed areas in the geographical region of Aleppo by operations applied by IS cell individuals seem justified ravishing now.

IS is witnessing a revival and has unfold in the areas of the Syrian barren space (Badia). Its warring parties are continuously attacking the regime forces and allied militias. IS has been furthermore focusing on SDF in the areas it controls in northeastern Syria, and will naturally try to penetrate and goal opposition-managed areas in northwestern Syria. What’s extra, IS claimed accountability for old assassinations in al-Bab.

Of label, IS claimed about 600 assaults in Syria for the length of 2020, most of them in eastern Syria. In step with a Jan. 6 mutter printed by the IS-affiliated Amaq files company, 593 assaults had been applied in Syria for the length of 2020. IS talked about that its operations killed 1,327 persons and wounded 901 individuals affiliated with the SDF, 407 Syrian regime forces and 19 warring parties from varied opposition factions.

Most of IS’ assaults and operations concentrated in Deir ez-Zor, the assign IS talked about it conducted 389 assaults, adopted by 59 in Raqqa, 38 in Homs, 39 in Hasakah, 36 in Aleppo and 29 in Daraa. In step with the mutter, the assaults destroyed and damaged 292 vehicles, in conjunction with 172 in Deir ez-Zor, 51 in Raqqa and 25 in Homs. The Amaq mutter current that 256 of the assaults had been applied with explosive units, 191 had been assassinations and 123 clashes.

In the intervening time, journalist Majed Abdel Noor argued that as of late, by its security cells, IS has penetrated deep into the metropolis of al-Bab. He told Al-Tune, “IS cells are undertaking operations in huge sunlight hours. The sphere is the protection failure and shortcomings shown by the opposition’s security institutions. These instructions ought to exert all doable efforts and faucet on any capabilities to eradicate these criminals.”

Abdel Noor current, “The eradication of these cells must launch as soon as doable, otherwise we can soon salvage as much as stare IS expanding considerably. Then the available security solutions would possibly well likely well no longer be sufficient.” 

He added that the manner of these assassinations present a complete lot of indicators in regards to the perpetrator. “IS is basically the most favorable opponent to penetrate our regions so without bid. All opponent parties — in conjunction with the SDF and the Syrian regime — are fascinated by the terrorist operations applied in the liberated field. Alternatively, operations of this form — focusing on journalists — dangle the hallmarks of IS cells,” he concluded.

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