Drivers Can Now Activate Over-the-Air Updates on Volvo Trucks

Driver Prove Activation, portion of Volvo Autos North The United States’s A long way flung Programming products and services, is now accessible for recount.

Characterize: Volvo Autos North The United States

After a a success four-month pilot program, Volvo Autos’ Driver Prove Activation (DDA) utility went into corpulent manufacturing on Nov. 30. The original enhancement to A long way flung Programming, as portion of Volvo Autos’ A long way flung Diagnostics bundle of Uptime Companies and products, now permits operators to straight suggested over-the-air system updates within minutes at the next convenient time and site – whether that is at their subsequent relaxation stop or abet at the store.

Volvo Autos’ A long way flung Programming provider provides a sooner and extra flexible draw to manufacture updates to tool and parameters that give a get to the performance of a truck’s engine, transmission and aftertreatment. 

Driver Prove Activation strikes the activation step into the cab and the fingers of the operator, including flexibility and one more option over having to call a Volvo Motion Carrier agent to commence a distant update. This cuts administration and updating time in half and opens the provider up to 24/7 availability.  

Driver Prove Activation underwent a pair of pilot trying out phases, from vendor stock trucks to bigger than 500 buyer trucks at 15 diversified over-the-road and vocational fleets.

One national retail chain participating within the latest phase of trying out reported that drivers initially expressed resistance to the original option, but came to know the feature after one strive, acknowledged Rodney Lloyd, world program supervisor and pilot leader. The Driver Prove Activation provider makes updating rapidly and steady and would possibly possibly well well simply be completed interior a odd operator atomize. The participating buyer changed into ready to total roughly 400 tool updates in lower than four weeks, with each and every automobile taking minutes to convert as a change of the odd three hours as previously experienced.

“We knew we had one thing in actual fact steady at the onset according to the feedback we bought from vendor technicians within the center of our initial stock truck assessments,” added Lloyd. “They realized that DDA is some distance more straightforward and sooner than pulling out a pc for performing updates. They saw firsthand how this selection in an instant added effectivity and lowered administration time.”

In have to getting to call a Volvo Motion Carrier agent to commence a distant update, operators can suggested the updates themselves at a convenient location, whether that is at the next relaxation stop or abet at the store.

Characterize: Volvo Autos North The United States

Rick Randall, diagnostic products and services supervisor, Volvo Autos North The United States, also notes the importance of keeping fleets up to this level on the latest tool. “We now like determined recordsdata exhibiting that trucks working the latest tool variations throw fewer faults and experience better effectivity and much less downtime,” acknowledged Randall. “Our goal with A long way flung Programming and Driver Prove Activation is to manufacture updating a hobble so extra trucks can fling optimally.”

Randall persevered, “With DDA, the buyer decides who’s allowed to fling the update. Most fleets are honest with the operator activating the update when precipitated by an alert on the instrument cluster, but others would possibly possibly well well would prefer to allow the password option that contains DDA so ideal their technicians can update. The configurability eliminates any buyer concerns over authorization. They would possibly be able to even pick between three cluster notification alternatives. It’s fully configurable, and the preferences can all be managed remotely fair by calling Volvo Motion Carrier.”

All original Volvo trucks built after Nov. 30, 2020, would possibly possibly well well like the Driver Prove Activation interface accessible free of charge for the first two years, bundled with Volvo Autos’ A long way flung Diagnostics products and services. 

Autos model-year 2018 and older would possibly possibly well well even like the income of Driver Prove Activation by applying a conversion kit accessible within the diagnostic utility, Volvo Top rate Tech Instrument, which permits the original know-how to be utilized in lower than one hour. Operators are no longer required to contact a Volvo Motion Carrier agent or visit a certified Volvo Uptime vendor to update the auto; nonetheless, assist is continuously accessible by means of the Volvo Autos Uptime Heart any time of day or night if well-known. Fleet managers and house owners can contact Volvo Motion Carrier to like a pair of qualifying vehicles up to this level simultaneously.

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