Euphoria Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

Last 12 months, the true other folks at HBO gave us any other edgy series to alter into ridiculously fervent about: Euphoria. If you had been living below a rock, it be generally Degrassi, but on steroids molly, Xanax, Fentanyl, and no subject other drug the young of us on the demonstrate are doing. Toxic relationships, assault, addiction, and teen pregnancy had been all lined within the first season’s eight episodes, but the East Highland college students’ tales are some distance from over. If you’re caught up in its heady flee, you’re in pleasant fortune—the demonstrate is returning for spherical two. Right here’s the whole lot all of us know to this level, including when to ask a 2nd bridge episode between seasons one and two.

When will Euphoria return?

We plan no longer appreciate an staunch date for season 2, but on Monday, October 19, HBO launched that two unusual Euphoria episodes would bridge the outlet between seasons 1 and a pair of. The first premiered in early December and centered on the dynamic between Rue (Zendaya) and her sponsor Ali (Colman Domingo). The 2nd will specialize in Jules (Hunter Schafer) and be titled “F*ck Somebody Who’s No longer A Sea Blob.” It premieres on Sunday, January 24 at 9 p.m. and offers an introspective research at Jules and Rue’s relationship from the ragged’s POV.

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“I always imagined these episodes as a two-piece piece focusing on Rue and Jules one at a time,” creator Sam Levinson suggested GQ. “And there modified into as soon as some reduce-off date by which I read that the character of Jules modified into as soon as trending on Twitter on myth of of us had been debating whether she modified into as soon as a villain or no longer. The root that folks may presumably well per chance survey the demonstrate and skedaddle away feeling that she modified into as soon as a villain modified into as soon as so appalling to me that I believed, ‘I’m gonna write an episode that forces the target market to analyze on the sector by her eyes and perceive the burden of loving an addict.'”

As for when season 2 will properly return, Levinson suggested GQ that it had been “pushed till 2021.” He stated of the lengthen, “I issue indubitably one of the few precious facet effects of this fucked up 12 months is the gap between season 1 and season 2. It’s after all complicated to insulate yourself from the response and write from the similar place of ingenious freedom, on myth of you perceive what of us cherished, or didn’t worship. I exact hope we are in a position to continue to detect and place strange and experiment, so the demonstrate can develop in no subject blueprint it does.”

In July 2019, HBO launched it’d be renewing Euphoria for a 2nd season. “Euphoria creator Sam Levinson has built an out of this world world with an unparalleled forged led by the supremely proficient Zendaya,” Francesca Orsi, executive vice president of HBO Programming, stated in a observation. “We’re so grateful that he selected HBO as the home for this groundbreaking series. We dwell up for following these complex characters as their journeys continue by the appealing world they inhabit.”

Following the announcement, Zendaya reacted to the records. “Actually exact got the name. Can’t insist thanks ample for the purple meat up we’ve considered, wow,” she tweeted after the records modified into as soon as launched.

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Season 1 premiered on June 19, 2019 and fleet became the most buzzed-about demonstrate of the summer season.

Has the demonstrate started filming?

A first style of season 2 got here on March 11, when the legit Euphoria Twitter myth shared a photograph of Zendaya (Rue Bennett) and Angus Cloud (Fez) sitting facet by facet at a desk read. The photo modified into as soon as captioned, “here we skedaddle !!!!!!!!!!!!!!” suggesting work on the unusual season is in stout swing. Nonetheless, filming delays as a consequence of the coronavirus pandemic affected when the season will premiere.

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Zendaya confirmed that production on the 2nd season halted mere days earlier than filming modified into as soon as build to originate. “We had been supposed to return to work, I feel about, on March 16,” she suggested Pose‘s Mj Rodriguez within the course of a virtual Type dialog. “And, actually, three or four days earlier than that, they had been shut down. I modified into as soon as worship, ‘I modified into as soon as so discontinuance.’ We did digicam assessments and hair and makeup assessments, and we got to glimpse all people and we had the sets built.”

She added, “I mean the scripts had been written and I modified into as soon as exact so enraged—exact to return home is de facto what it feels worship. But pointless to recount, this has all came about and I’m exact grateful that I’m within the situation I’m in. I’m in a position to’t bitch. I’m very lucky to be marvelous and wholesome and nonetheless know that I appreciate a job, Euphoria, that shall be there.”

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Or no longer it’s unclear when filming on the 2nd season will formally resume. Nonetheless, Zendaya suggested Timothée Chalamet for her recent ELLE duvet that production would resume “after I catch abet from filming the following Spider-Man movie, which is soft almost presently.”

What’s going to season 2 be about?

Season 1 launched us to Rue, a worried 17-12 months-long-established who grapples with drug addiction after an overdose. Then comes her unusual easiest friend Jules, with whom Rue falls in admire; some more excessive college drama—abusive relationships, drug dealing, substance abuse, and plenty of others.—and a bunch of equally messed up and sexy children. By the time the finale aired, we had been left with a laundry checklist of questions.

  • What’s after all going on with Rue? Is she alive or pointless? (Levinson has confirmed to GQ, “I promise you she’s no longer pointless.”)
  • Does Jules after all admire Rue?
  • Why just isn’t always after all Nate in penal complex already?
  • What’s going to happen to Fez following his robbery?
  • What’s next for Cassie after having an abortion?
  • When will Maddy perceive her price and leave Nate on my own for real?
  • Again, why the hell just isn’t always after all Nate in penal complex?

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    In gradual February, Storm Reid, who performs Gia, suggested Leisure Tonight, “I plan no longer appreciate any records, as a substitute of my character is supposed to be constructing and turning into her possess. So I’m very desirous about that.”

    She later suggested that the scripts she had considered for the demonstrate “are soft wonderful.” As for the place Gia and Rue’s relationship heads within the 2nd season, Reid stated Rue has turned Gia’s existence “the opposite blueprint up.” “I after all feel worship this season we are going to after all catch to glimpse who she is initiate air of exact being Rue’s dinky sister,” Reid explained of Gia’s arc. “She’s going to after all change into her possess particular person and her possess character and he or she after all is rising up within the demonstrate, which I worship.”

    Will Euphoria address the pandemic?

    The darkish self-discipline subject on the center of the demonstrate usually mirrors exact-existence conversations surrounding sexuality and drug employ. But will season 2 kind out COVID-19? In accordance to Reid, no longer as some distance as she is aware of. “None of the scripts I read appreciate the formulation of being smaller or relating to to the pandemic,” she suggested “I judge we’re exact all ready to glimpse what is occurring to happen. I know that Sam [Levinson, the show’s creator] is the finest one who writes the scripts, so he’s terribly concerned and places his heart and his all into the whole lot that goes into Euphoria. I’m in a position to’t focus on for all people, but I judge our hope impartial now is to catch over this and be ready to return into production worship we deliberate and produce it safely.”

    Who’s returning for season 2?

    Confidently, all people! HBO left various free ends, so fingers crossed next season picks up impartial the place we left off. Season 1 centered plenty on Rue, Jules, Nate, Maddy, Cassie, McKay and Kat. Fingers crossed Fez, Lexi, Gia, and Ethan catch their tales suggested within the unusual season.

    One unusual forged member joining the series: Waves star Kelvin Harrison Jr. He confirmed his rumored casting in a recent look on Complicated’s Scrutinize Less podcast. “I wasn’t talking about it for a whereas but we’re in Quarantine, YOLO. Yes, I’m doing Euphoria. I’m enraged,” Harrison suggested the outlet. “You know, impartial earlier than quarantine we had been about to originate our first day, and then we got locked down, but the digicam assessments had been sick, the fittings had been sick, the desk reads had been unbelievable. The scripts are so gigantic and all people is de facto enraged for it. [Sam Levinson is] a huge creator and a vivid storyteller, and the nonetheless and world-constructing they produce in that demonstrate is so strange and he after all pushes boundaries, as effectively. So I’m enraged to step into that dwelling and produce my piece.”

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    “I’ve below no conditions considered a character worship this, length… I don’t judge a character worship this… I’m in a position to with regards to argue that it has no longer been done,” Harrison stated when asked about his secretive role. “It’s attention-grabbing, it’s indisputably a character of the time and that’s all I got. He’s attention-grabbing.”

    Travel season 1 of Euphoria now

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