“Eurydice” by Photographer Gus Aronson

Bronx, New York-basically based mostly photographer Gus Aronson’s, “Eurydice” brings together numerous observations from existence, decoding the act of photographing thru the lens of the Greek delusion of Orpheus and Eurydice. Because the delusion goes, a bereaved Orpheus travels to the underworld in hopes of retrieving his no longer too long in the past deceased spouse, Eurydice. He strikes a take care of Hades in which Orpheus can records Eurydice dwelling from the underworld, as long as he does no longer flip serve to survey at her except they reach the arena of the living. Overcome by excitement, he can’t reduction himself—when he turns to survey at her, Eurydice disappears, condemned to the underworld and not utilizing a discontinuance in sight. 

Aronson wonders: “Does the glory we pay to the arena around us after we photo slay the inherent truth of it, because it used to be when Orpheus seemed serve at Eurydice? Is our strive to attain the arena by preserving it thru a photo simplest a fleeting strive for survival in the face of eschatological realizing? Or does photography—the act of attempting itself—render the opaque correct into a living clarified truth thru poetic motion?”

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