Fredericton teens who met after near-fatal crash remain friends a year later

Fredericton teen Hanna Bordage had constantly dreamed of being a physician as a consequence of of her like of science and the TV demonstrate Grey’s Anatomy. Then tragedy struck when Bordage was driving dwelling from college in a storm and struck Alex Nelson, one other teen who was out for a stroll. Their lives would change into with no kill in sight intertwined.

Hanna Bordage has been well-liked into a pre-pills program on the College of Moncton. The teen said she felt pointless after she struck Alex Nelson closing January and doesn’t desire to feel that means again. (Facebook)

Since heart college, Hanna Bordage dreamed of being a physician as a consequence of of her like of science and the TV demonstrate Grey’s Anatomy. 

Nearly a year ago, the Grade 12 pupil was talking to her most interesting fair appropriate friend at École Sainte-Anne in Fredericton about how she hoped to obtain some impact of mark about her chosen profession direction. “One thing that will occur for me to issue, ‘Here is what I bear to impact,’ ” said the 17-year-inclined.

Then tragedy struck, and her life would be with no kill in sight intertwined with Alex Nelson, one other Fredericton teen.

Bordage and Nelson bear change into company since the shatter. (Facebook)

On Jan. 8, 2020, Fredericton was hit with a major storm. The roads were slippery and snow was coming down hard.

Bordage, who was 16 on the time, stayed in college gradual to discuss a few Spanish class with regarded as one of her lecturers. This was a accepted occurrence for the straight-A pupil.

Minutes after leaving the college, Bordage lost withhold watch over of the sad Honda she was driving and struck 18-year-inclined Nelson. He was walking discontinuance to the corner of Prospect Avenue and Duncan Lane, the keep there are no longer any sidewalks.

  • As teen recovers from discontinuance to-lethal accident, his family bonds with teen who struck him

Bordage was driving below the rate limit and had swerved to the center of the road to establish out to serve faraway from Nelson, but it was too gradual.

“It came about so hasty,” she said. “It was one 2nd.” 

That day, Nelson was wearing an navy-inexperienced jacket that Bordage says she can peaceful take into memoir. When she struck Nelson, his physique hit her windshield and landed within the ditch about a feet away.

She known as 911.

“The component that stricken me doubtlessly the most referring to the accident was the very fact I might no longer impact anything else,” she said in an interview.

Police are on the scene of a pedestrian/vehicle collision on Prospect St. at Duncan Lane, which came about at3: 05 p.m. @cityfredpolice @cityfredfire and @ANB_EMP replied.


Earlier than paramedics arrived, Bordage jumped out of her vehicle and began waving down visitors to obtain serve, but she felt pointless.

“I below no cases desire to feel fancy I impact no longer know what to impact.”

‘I with regards to died’

The shatter left Nelson, now 19, with a severe mind hurt, and he spent a month combating for his life on the Saint John Regional Hospital.

From there, Nelson spent one other month on the Stan Cassidy Centre for Rehabilitation in Fredericton, the keep he labored on his restoration. This included everything from speech therapy to regaining his memory and balance. He peaceful does rehabilitation extinguish a dwelling from dwelling.

And he peaceful lives with severe ache in his legs and shoulder from the impact of the shatter. He gets frequent headaches and his imaginative and prescient has deteriorated. His right take into memoir is permanently shut.

Bordage and Nelson didn’t know each an excellent deal of sooner than she struck him on a Fredericton road closing Jan. 8 in a snowstorm. (Facebook)

His speech is muffled, so his mother, Terri Taylor, veritably has to discuss on his behalf. 

Nelson also struggles with memory loss. All he remembers referring to the day he was struck is that his mom and a chum informed him it wasn’t procure to move outside. Nonetheless he had walked that route so persistently sooner than, he persuaded them it might be OK.

“That’s when my memory stops,” he said. 

After the shatter, Nelson underwent a major surgical treatment. On the time, his family didn’t know whether he would reside. (Submitted by Terri Taylor)

The teen’s memory began to hasten attend all by draw of his take care of on the Saint John clinical institution in January, though it be peaceful spotty.

He remembers relearning to move and visiting the Tim Hortons coffee store inner the clinical institution.

Bordage veritably visited in those early days, but he doesn’t do no longer fail to remember that. 

Even though doctors yell this will possible also opt him years to get better, Nelson tries to take care of particular. He and his family bear moved as a consequence of their dwelling was a fixed reminder of the shatter, which came about nearby.

Impartial appropriate-looking now he works at Shannex, a retirement dwelling in Fredericton, the keep he cleans, does laundry and works within the kitchen. One day, Nelson hopes to attend Dalhousie College to change into a marine biologist. 

And he goes for walks on trails discontinuance to his current dwelling in Wooded self-discipline Hill.

“I’m a if truth be told lucky particular person in heaps of methods,” he said. “The total right folks were there on the right time … I with regards to died.”

There weren’t any criminal prices following the shatter.

An unlikely friendship

The accident clarified Bordage’s profession plans. In December, she was well-liked into the pre-med program at College of Moncton. 

Nelson was regarded as one of the principle folks she informed.

“I’m overjoyed she purchased the muse even supposing it was an sad circumstance,” he said. 

“She’s going to impact massive issues.” 

Bordage mustered the braveness to discuss over with Nelson in clinical institution after the January shatter, but Nelson doesn’t remember any of her visits. (Facebook)

Bordage also visited Nelson after college, when he was recuperating on the Stan Cassidy Centre. They spent most of their time talking within the cafeteria, especially about graduation and what he deliberate to impact after he left the centre.

She also attended a family picnic over the summer to celebrate Nelson’s excessive college graduation.

“I impact no longer take into memoir him, how I observed him within the snow after the accident,” she said. “I if truth be told take into memoir Alex as … an fearless particular person. He is a fighter. He is fearless. He is forgiving.”

The pair and their households peaceful be fervent about Nelson’s restoration.

And Bordage plans to take into memoir Nelson sooner than she heads to school within the fall.

“When I’m no longer texting him, I’m positively severe about him and his family.”

Nelson clung to a keep of rosary beads while lying in his clinical institution bed on the Saint John Regional Hospital. (Submitted by Terri Taylor)

Bordage was reluctant to discuss over with Nelson straight after the shatter, so she sent him cream-colored rosary beads.

“It was a capability to take care of particular and withhold faith,” she said. “I believed that will obtain me and Alex discontinuance.”

He below no cases let depart of them, and Nelson says those rosary beads are peaceful tucked away in a box in his bed room. 

Nelson’s first sentence that he wrote after the shatter: I will constantly forgive. (Submitted by Terri Taylor)

The two households continue to crawl by draw of Nelson’s restoration collectively, providing updates by draw of Facebook or text message.

“I will constantly remember Alex,” Bordage said.

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