Game Of The Year Countdown – #4 Yakuza: Like A Dragon

In a 365 days where we also can all exhaust a further dose of kindness and lighthearted fun, Yakuza: Love a Dragon delivers in droves. No longer handiest does it debut a brand contemporary series protagonist with Ichiban Kasuga, but it absolutely additionally transforms the series’ action-centric combat staunch into a flip-primarily based fully RPG with depth beyond throwing your fists around. Battles flip into tense encounters centered on exploiting elemental weaknesses, utilizing buffs/debuffs, and kicking enemies when they’re down for extra hurt. And, let’s now not overlook summoning in some abet from unlikely places fancy “Poundmates” when things derive in actual fact dire.

Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio goes all-in with its RPG inspiration, making the first character a diehard Dragon Quest fan and having you abet strangers and bond with event members Persona-vogue. Among the broad checklist of facet actions, there’s even a “gotta take care of ‘em all” system where you bag “Sujimon” for a professor. If that’s now not ample, you might swap jobs, changing into the entirety from a crash dancer to a chef for exciting ways to purchase on the enemy.

The RPG parodies are dazzling, but device more impressive is how this entry wonderfully captures the heart and soul of the Yakuza series with a brand contemporary forged. Ichiban is a loveable goof with a heart of gold, and he possesses the rare capability to peer the coolest in folk even within the worst conditions. Looking out at him live at nothing to originate things better and switch staunch into a ethical hero is a highlight, and Yokohama affords an full of life backdrop to his adventures as you learn more in regards to the legal underworld. Going off the toddle’s beaten path affords memorable facet quests which might be every hilarious and heartwarming; you by no device know where a dialog about infant formulation also can lead.

Ichiban’s toddle isn’t gracious about silly minigames and unfamiliar ways to assault baddies, on the opposite hand. At the heart of his account is intrigue, as you strive to fragment collectively why his weak father resolve betrayed him. The Yakuza series has continually centered on selecting your family, and Ichiban finds it in unlikely places with a blunt homeless man and weak police officer with a penchant for spending money on booze and women folk. One minute, Yakuza: Love a Dragon has you chuckling over the absurdity of the eventualities you derive put in; the next, it pulls at your heartstrings as you recognize the snug moments between Ichiban and his physique of workers of misfits.

Wish to learn more in regards to primarily the most attention-grabbing games that 2020 had to provide? We’re counting down our Top 10 for the 365 days, so navigate to 1 more entry using the hyperlinks below!

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