GGG vs. Kamil Szeremeta full fight video highlights

Glimpse Gennadiy Golovkin vs. Kamil Szeremeta beefy war video highlights from the boxing showdown above, courtesy of DAZN.

“GGG” vs. Szeremeta took space Dec. 18 at Seminole Laborious Rock Resort and Casino in Hollywood, Fla. Golovkin (41-1-1, ) battled Szeremeta (21-1) within the principal occasion within the principal defense of his IBF and IBO middleweight titles, which aired are residing on DAZN.

Golovkin gained the war by technique of seventh-round TKO.

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Spherical 1: After an eternity of MP3 participant anthems, here we toddle! GGG looks to be like an even bit bigger than Szeremeta within the ring, but that will perchance perhaps also fair trusty be that he’s got a extraordinarily fantastic tan going and Kamil does now now not. May perhaps perhaps beget GGG glimpse thicker. In contrast with the weigh-in he looks to be like truly stuffed in, despite the truth that, now now not out of explain the least bit, trusty tall and muscular. GGG getting on his jab early. Szeremeta attempting to acquire a lawful hand going, and attempting to jab himself. However Golovkin looks to be like confident and straightforward. Szeremeta with a lawful, GGG again with a lawful of his bear, then they tie up. Two qualified physique shots slack within the round and THEN DOWN GOES SZEREMETA ON A LEFT HOOK JUST BEFORE THE BELL! He’s up, bell has sounded and the round ends. Golovkin 10-8

Spherical 2: GGG again on the jab lawful away. Szeremeta attempting to acquire internal and work but Golovkin ties him up. Golovkin staying on the jab. He looks to be like so intriguing. Stunning hand from Golovkin shakes Szeremeta! Kamil can’t decide his vitality. Left hook from Golovkin doesn’t rather obtain there. Man it’s possible you’ll perchance perhaps gaze Szeremeta attempting to figure out an attack but it trusty ain’t there to this level. GGG backs out and Szeremeta can’t land, then again to the jab and lawful hand, and Szeremeta is down but again on a stability shot! His legs are now now not qualified. 35 seconds left within the round. GGG shopping for the nearer but now now not forcing it, both. Szeremeta makes it via the round but here’s a total mismatch. Golovkin 10-8, 20-16

Spherical 3: Stiff jabbing continues. Bless Szeremeta, he gentle truly is attempting, but there’s nothing he can attain with GGG. Szeremeta shaken a minute but again on a engaging jab. Stunning hand after an uppercut, and one other lawful. Szeremeta trusty looks to be like out of alternatives now, because he is. He turned into coming in truly, if he are attempting to be totally lawful about it. Body shot from GGG. Szeremeta felt that. Stunning hand but again from GGG, and one other hook to the physique. Golovkin 10-9, 30-25

Spherical 4: Szeremeta gentle working when he will get shut, but Golovkin doesn’t let him set there long. He both ties up or will get out. Jabs but again from Golovkin. Stunning from GGG grazes Szeremeta’s chin. Kamil slaps with a left hook, he doesn’t bear the vitality to if truth be told set Golovkin lawful. GGG strays trusty a minute low on the hip with a lawful hand. Stunning hand, LEFT HOOK AND SZEREMETA GOES DOWN AGAIN! Is there a show conceal this anymore? No offense to Szeremeta. However on we toddle. GGG has a minute to enact. Stunning to the physique from GGG. He’s now now not pressing, trusty shopping for shots. Body shot but again. Golovkin incredibly easy within the ring. Golovkin 10-8, 40-33

Spherical 5: GGG with one other lawful to the physique early in this round. Left to the physique, lawful up top. GGG now now not reckless but starting up to circulate for it, it looks. Szeremeta with a lawful. One more one will get in. Stunning no stank on those shots, despite the truth that, or now now not virtually adequate anyway. Hook to the physique from GGG. Stunning to the physique after jabs up top. Stunning to the ear from GGG. There might be nothing Szeremeta can attain in this war, there’s truly no show conceal this anymore. It’s now now not a war you’d on the total name off but, I point out, what is Kamil going to achieve? Stunning hand Golovkin. Appropriate victory round for Szeremeta, so he’s had 40% those to this level. Golovkin 10-9, 50-42

Spherical 6: Roughly are attempting to glimpse GGG toddle for it and enact here. It’s been his for the taking from the obtain-toddle, indubitably within the final three rounds. Uppercut from Golovkin rocks Szeremeta’s head again but again. Stunning hand GGG, lawful from Szeremeta. No longer that scheme to disrespect Kamil, he’s truly attempting. Preserve asserting that but it will gentle be talked about, he’s giving the effort, the finest he can. That is his shot. 1-2 from GGG, but didn’t pull heavy force on it. He’s taking the round halfway off, maybe. Laborious jabs from GGG but again. Any argument for Szeremeta within the round ended there and wasn’t solid to begin up with. Golovkin pressing but again within the final 10 seconds. Golovkin 10-9, 60-51

Spherical 7: GGG comes out launching the assault, he’s throwing the vitality shots now. Szeremeta ties him up. Down goes Szeremeta on a vitality jab! He turned into throwing at the time so it turned into in part stability but it turned into a heavy jab, too. He’s up but again, and on we toddle, but GGG has loads of time, nearly two minutes. He’s attacking, Kamil ties him up. That’s the finest part he’s ready to achieve at this level, truly. Szeremeta’s gonna beget it via one other round, but dude, there’s no motive to set going here. Golovkin 10-8, 70-59, and the referee stops it after the round for the TKO.

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