Grey’s Anatomy Season 17 Episode 6 Review: No Time for Despair

Pretty as soon as we idea Mer became out of the woods, she took a turn for the worse!

Whereas Grey’s Anatomy Season 17 Episode 6 became light relentless with the COVID protection, it additionally had a wide deal of private vogue.

It additionally had extreme action, completely integrated idea to be one of Grey’s Anatomy Season 16’s biggest dangling storylines, and it linked it to Device 19’s earlier hour in such one device that it labored even when you happen to did no longer stare the different series.

The hour matched completely with Device 19 Season 4 Episode 5, as the docs had the displeasure of treating the racist jackass who kidnapped a bunch of women and locked them in his basement. But the particular stroke of genius became how they vulnerable that to connect to DeLuca’s sex-trafficking victim from Grey’s Anatomy Season 16 Episode 18.

Within the extinguish, they’re on the path of tying up that free cease, and DeLuca is able to rep sweet vindication and live a sex-trafficking ring. Bring Ginger Sataness DOWN!

They were in a local to device the narrative of the sex-trafficking victims from two diversified angles. It became a nail-biter waiting for the 2nd when DeLuca would lay eyes on this execrable lady and steal her down as soon as and for all. Sadly, the 2nd she saw him, she performed without him at every payment.

Levi, bless his heart, is so gullible and naive. He did no longer anticipate how shifty the girl became behaving, and somebody wishes to work on their observation expertise. Per chance he became overworked and drained from the health center getting slammed with COVID cases and death.

She must’ve been procuring for the ladies to search out out if they knew the rest referring to the elevated operation. But DeLuca’s presence triggered her to hotfoot, and in the final moments of the hour, he saw her and took off after her.

Became as soon as the sector consistently this tousled and we did no longer recognize youngsters so we did no longer hear?


It became such a relief that he commended Carina who the girl became, and his sister believed him this time. DeLuca is doing neatly retaining up a wholesome regiment amid his tireless work for the length of a virulent disease, and worship Bailey, I could no longer be prouder of him.

The Siblings DeLuca in a automobile chasing after a sex-trafficker? Brand me up! If the rest happens to both idea to be one of them, I’ll lose it, however it for fling sounds thrilling, and I can no longer wait to witness how the inform resolves this storyline.

Thank goodness Grey’s Anatomy did no longer abandon it.

On the different aspect of the case, you had all of the docs outraged by this ghastly man’s actions. They had to address him and his victims, and the younger ladies’ narrative moved them all.

It additionally made so many of them philosophize referring to the teach of the sector. Teddy, Owen, Jackson, and Amelia –they’re all folks, so that they took the case especially unprecedented.

On the different hand, Jackson and Maggie were the ones who regarded as the personality of it on more than one level. Owen had a high-quality 2nd giving this man the commercial and all.

The complete ingredient disgusted Jackson, and he understood that issues worship this happen to younger ladies folk of coloration and the repercussions are consistently diversified. We’re to rob that he’s the one who got the one teen’s mother out of detention center because “money talks,” and or no longer it is the handiest ingredient society listens to; it absolutely is no longer justice.

Jackson handiest appears to rep flyby traces of preaching a word, however I device shock when he’ll rep one thing more gargantuan. A minimal of it became more than what Hayes got. Grey’s promoted Richard Flood to series trendy, however now we recognize barely viewed him; or no longer it is some distance a shame.

Hayes: You doubtlessly did this?

Jackson: Money did this. It is the handiest language this country understands.

Maggie took the huge majority of explaining why the case afflicted her so grand. She’s been the mouthpiece for systemic racism, significantly in opposition to Murky folks and women folk, and her diatribe for the length of this hour became no exception.

She supplied one of the fundamental factoids about how sex-trafficking impacts ladies of coloration, and he or she went on to talk referring to the predicament of how society treats younger Murky ladies and women folk.

And she reiterated how insensible it is some distance. She sees issues worship this happen time and again, so the outrage to her goes grand deeper than it does for each person else. She tied it to how society is treating the pandemic as neatly.

Maggie became lickety-split to point out how diversified issues could be if the virus did no longer disproportionately affect or abolish POC. In her thoughts, wearing masks to supply protection to each other wouldn’t be up for debate.

Now there is a p;plague that is killing Murky folks at a fee that ought to dangle each person outraged. If COVID were killing White folks at the rush that or no longer it is killing Murky folks, you better take into consideration that every person could be wearing masks because it’d be the rattling legislation.


Amelia, for her allotment, listened intently. Amelia showed that she realized one thing over the years since their final dialogue about rush.

Maggie had one other tough dart of it, however by the cease of the hour, Winston arrived at her doorstep to be alongside with her.

And Richard and DeLuca were both showing up for Bailey in the aftermath of her loss. She did no longer are attempting to switch home, she handiest fundamental to work, however it for fling became unprecedented for her there, too.

Richard fundamental her to steal some time. Later on, he mentioned how issues would affect all of the staff as they persevered to burn out from every thing going on, and the never-ending death took a toll on all.

Fairly quickly we will open losing our have. No longer to the illness however to the toll or no longer it is taking.


And DeLuca spoke about what it became worship for him when he lost his mother. He additionally shared one of the fundamental wonderful programs families of COVID victims were honoring and memorializing their family since damaged-down funerals were out of the query.

And it gave us a microscopic of perception into one thing that many folks did no longer take into consideration concerning the deaths. No longer handiest did family fail to see being there with their family for the length of their final moments, however they cannot even recognize the funerals and issues they need or must grieve.

It is unpleasant; there are such loads of layers to how horrible this virus and its results are, they usually are neverending.

Even superhumans need more than a minute to grieve the inability of the one who made them who they are.


The Bailey and DeLuca bonding became a in actuality particular 2nd, and or no longer it is the rep of rapport that became missing for the length of the earlier season, especially as DeLuca battled psychological illness. It is one other ingredient the hour rectified as the two of them stood on general ground, and this time DeLuca appeared out for her.

And when she commended him how proud she became of him for caring for himself, you should per chance also expose it got right here from the center.

The death fee and stress are already taking a toll on Teddy. She’s been in the thick of the pandemic for the reason that starting of the season. As grand as you’d are attempting to rep offended at her for snapping at Helm the vogue she did, seeing empty beds which potential of more losses and incandescent that two of her colleagues and chums were battling the identical illness made her snap.

Teddy’s moodiness, or on the different hand else you’d rob to list it — or no longer it is visceral and exact.

And she and Owen shared one other 2nd after avoiding each other for goodbye. He fundamental to place issues in the again of him for the betterment of their youngsters.

They’re knee-deep in a virulent disease, losing lives every hour, and the trafficker case reminded them of how unpleasant the sector is, so sometime, it does dangle you reevaluate issues. Lifestyles is honest too precious and speedy, you know?

Teddy commended Owen about Allison, however she became unnerved by his response. What did she ask? She staunch commended him that the handiest superior friend she consistently raved about — the one who she mourned and affected every thing Teddy did in her lifestyles became her lover and soulmate.

We named our daughter after a lie!


Owen had to process that they named THEIR microscopic one after the girl Teddy became in adore with unless the day she died. Became as soon as he purported to smile or one thing?

Owen’s level of “I don’t recognize any time for this bullsh!t” perspective for the length of this installment fueled me.

And Richard telling Teddy to rep her crap together, live whining, and stop taking half in the victim did too.

On the COVID entrance, there is light no device of telling what the inform intends to device with Tom and Mer. It feels as if idea to be one of them will perish, and for the length of the hour, that individual perceived to be Tom.

Tom: I staunch are attempting to witness for myself that or no longer it is imaginable to beat this ingredient.

Mer: Almost beat it.

Tom: I for fling staunch wan to be in a room the assign any individual is no longer death. All and sundry’s death.

It became heartbreaking as he faced his have mortality whereas looking at his roommate die ultimate subsequent to him. He could also hang all of the microscopic issues he realized referring to the person in such a speedy duration, ultimate all of the vogue down to the conversations he had together with his family.

Germann is phenomenal, and his facial reactions and the inflection in his order destroyed me in each scene. He became having a tricky time joking round and being his trendy self, surrounded by so grand death.

It has to be frightening, seeing folks round you die of the identical ingredient you are battling and wondering when or when you happen to are subsequent.

It made superior sense that he went to Mer’s room to witness her. From what he realized, she became doing better, and he fundamental to witness that somebody could also beat this ingredient and attain the different aspect of it.

It must’ve given him hope, and it additionally became a relief that he wasn’t losing any individual he cared about, too. Tom and Mer recognize such an even attempting camaraderie that is underrated, and their scene together became without problems the handiest of the evening.

When he spoke about his son and what he wouldn’t give for one other 2nd with him, it became brutal. It additionally made you accept as true with referring to the undeniable fact that Mer became spending time with the folk she lost in her dreamscape, however Tom wasn’t so lucky in that regard.

Mer’s room gave him escapism from the death that surrounded him. But it for fling light feels as if he’s on borrowed time. They’re scene, whereas wonderful, became additionally ominous.

But then, they did flip it on us and made Mer steal a turn for the worse. She overexerted herself, serving to 1 other COVID-affected person unmasked and unprotected.

Generally when you watched referring to the storm has passed, you fee you were staunch in the anticipate of it.


And it no longer handiest laid her out again, however she has to switch on a ventilator now. Bloody hell, Mer! What did you device?!

As her voiceover acknowledged, we idea she got by the storm, and it turns out she became handiest in the anticipate of it. She had a 2nd of recuperating handiest to rep worse.

So yeah, Mer did wake up for the midseason finale, however it for fling wasn’t for prolonged. Issues are taking a anticipate bleak, and we will must wait unless March to witness if Mer survives this and what the prolonged race holds.

Over to you, Grey’s Lovers. Are you grateful they picked the human-trafficking storyline again up? Will Mer and Tom survive this season? Hit the comments under, and let’s discuss EVERYTHING!

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