HDT’s Top Articles of 2020

A take a look at power of the recent Mack MD used to be one in all the year’s high articles.

Photograph: Jim Park

Heavy Obligation Trucking’s most popular articles of 2020, as fine by web analytics from Truckinginfo.com, bustle the gamut from hot newest points to evergreen how-to guidelines.

1. Guidelines for Cleansing and Sanitizing Truck Cabs

When we wrote this online characteristic in March, fleets were wondering the style to pause the spread of COVID-19 on surfaces. Instruments Editor Jim Park dug into what were viewed to be essentially the most bright practices at the time for this article.

2. Determining the Unique 30-Minute Ruin Rule

Changes to federal hours-of-provider work tips for drivers were presented in June to allow more flexibility, something the trucking alternate had requested for with the implementation of necessary digital logging devices. Nonetheless some realized the changes confusing. This article offered insight into one in all these changes, the 30-minute spoil.

3. Working Pre-2000 Engines, Paper Logs Calls for Unbiased Documentation

After the digital logging instrument mandate went into last, elephantine carry out in December 2019, some house owners of autos with older engines, exempt from the ELD tips, were working into complications with DOT compliance officials. This article laid out what documentation truck house owners favor to possess in this field.

4. 6 Things You Pick on to Know Regarding the Unique Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse

One other huge regulatory trade that took carry out this year used to be the federal drug and alcohol clearinghouse. This article outlined what fleets wanted to know to regulate to the recent tips.

5. Keep your Diesel Fuel from Freezing this Frosty climate

While many of our high articles handled newest affairs, infrequently a moral how-to narrative is abundant for these challenges truckers take care of every year. Though there favor to be no favor to terror about fuel when it gets chilly whenever you manage your fuel wisely and rob appropriate steps, many don’t, and safe stung with the added expense of on-road fuel treatment purchases or the misfortune of a shut-down.  

6. Achieve Low Characteristic Freight Charges Suggest Brokers Are Gouging Truckers?

As conclude-at-dwelling orders in conserving with the COVID-19 pandemic took withhold at some level of mighty of the nation within the latter share of March, the extent of freight on hand dropped without be aware. By the 2d half of of April, space-market rates were so low that self sustaining truckers were staging protests in Houston, California, and Washington, D.C., many blaming brokers. Nonetheless were brokers truly gouging truckers, or used to be it a easy case of supply and seek recordsdata from? Editor in Chief Deborah Lockridge dug into the field.

7. RNG: The Vitality Source No One’s Talking About

As share of our annual different fuels and drivetrains field, we took a more in-depth idea at renewable natural fuel. Advocates imagine it’s being omitted within the tear to zero-emission electric powertrains and in actual fact will probably be more environmentally excellent whenever you idea at “well to wheel” calculations.

8. Take a look at Drive: Mack’s Unique Medium-Obligation Truck

Despite the pandemic, Instruments Editor Jim Park managed to manage a take a look at power over the summer of Mack’s recent MD Series medium-obligation truck presented earlier within the year.

9. What You Pick on to Know About Hours of Carrier Changes

As changes to hours-of-provider tips ready to head into carry out in late September, we shared some insight from Joe DeLorenzo, performing accomplice administrator for enforcement at the Federal Motor Provider Safety Administration, regarding the foundations.

10. Easy the style to Rein in Rising Insurance Charges

Our January print journal masks narrative, this characteristic addressed one in all essentially the most urgent points affecting many fleets this present day – soaring insurance coverage prices.

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