How James Lawrence Prepared His Body for 100 Consecutive Ironmans

Five years within the past, James Lawrence did the impossible. Over the direction of 50 days, the endurance athlete carried out 50 consecutive Ironmans. In case you’re now not acquainted with triathlons, that’s a 2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bike trip, topped off with a fleshy 26.2-mile marathon. The effort landed him within the Guinness World Data with several achievements that haven’t been touched since. That is till now: Lawrence is making an strive the impossible again, though this time he’s doubling it. That’s correct, he’s aiming to prevent 100 consecutive Ironmans this time. “I didn’t mediate 75 gave the impact exhausting ample,” Lawrence tells Males’s Journal, when puzzled how he within the raze came to the amount. The phrase is asserted with the no-nonsense perspective and steely focus that’s earned him the moniker the Iron Cowboy. “And because why now not?”

Lawrence is within the intervening time within the midst of the Hurculean effort in his dwelling instruct of Utah, surrounded by his group—wife, Sunny, and five teenagers. We spoke with the Iron Cowboy about how he’s coaching, convalescing, and staying mentally match to prevent the Triumph over 100 concern.

How ‘Iron Cowboy’ James Lawrence Prepped to Take care of 100 Consecutive Ironmans

Males’s Journal: How did the postulate of the Triumph over 100 open up?

James Lawrence: I’d shriek I first regarded as it two years within the past. My physique used to be getting to an arena where it used to be entirely recovered from the 50 try. I was starting up to crave one thing novel—one thing bigger. Now that I’d carried out the 50, doing more modified into imaginable. In retrospect we started to glimpse just a number of the logistical and coaching mistakes we made. There were certain things we may well implement to push the boundaries extra.

What roughly a bodily toll did 50 Ironmans soak up your physique?

There used to be a lag in my shoulder I needed to address most high-quality five days in. I developed extreme tendinitis in my legs, as neatly as foot blistering and toenail loss. I own I misplaced six of my 10 toenails over the direction of it. I was experiencing physique deterioration at some level of, but you correct needed to be taught to address it. You be taught recommendations to defend an eye on anguish. The biggest fallout I handled used to be totally numb fingers and toes after finishing. It doubtlessly took me six months, if now not a year, for me to acquire that feeling succor. And now that I own it succor, I’m in an arena to acquire succor within the market and take a look at one thing crazy again.

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