How To Program Your Garage Door Opener In Your BMW (HOMELINK)

This detailed manual will educate you the design to program your garage door opener in your BMW. Surroundings up and the spend of the HomeLink system in your new BMW is a easy and straight forward process. It shouldn’t resolve extra than a pair of minutes. The HomeLink platform is portion of the most contemporary BMW gadgets. This characteristic eliminates the need for a garage door some distance-off and lets in for a convenient design to acquire admission to your garage or gate.

Property you’ll need:

  1. Earn your contemporary garage door opener some distance-off. Transfer your BMW initiating air of the garage. 
  2. Be within range of the garage or gate however originate no longer be within the tear of door opening/closing.
  3. Earn ladder, initiating garage door opener control panel, detect the LEARN Button 
  4. Earn in your BMW, flip BMW accessories on – however originate no longer initiating the motor. Tip- Press the initiating/cease button however originate no longer possess your foot on the brake.
  5. For your rear look reflect, press & protect Homelink buttons 1 and3 on the an identical time for approximately ten seconds. At the starting effect the sunshine will likely be solid yellow till rapidly flashing inexperienced occurs. – now all extinct code settings are wiped out.
  6. Press button 1 till unhurried flashing yellow.
  7. Now protect your garage door opener 3 inches from the reflect and push the specified button you’ll need your BMW to emulate.
  8. When the dinky light on the reflect flashes inexperienced let dash of your some distance-off button and push the button to be programmed as soon as.
  9. Now dash up to manipulate panel on the Storage door opener and press LEARN button
  10. You now possess about 30 seconds to acquire down the ladder and push Homelink button 1 in your reflect.
  11. In the occasion that you just might maybe additionally merely possess one other door to program, press Homelink button 2 till unhurried blinking yellow light looks to be.  Repeat steps 7-9.

Our absorb Chuck Vossler went on camera to showcase your entire process with very detailed instructions. Purchase a stumble on beneath and don’t fail to recollect to subscribe to our Youtube channel.