Huiyuan, China’s biggest fruit juice company, delisted

A Chinese customer retailers for Huiyuan juice at a supermarket in Shanghai. Reuters / Oriental Photography

Huiyuan Juice (汇源果汁 huìyuán guǒzhī), eminent for its promoting slogan “Most attention-grabbing with Huiyuan is it the trusty Lunar Contemporary Yr” (有汇源, 才叫过年呢 yǒu huìyuán, cái jiào guònián ne), won’t possess a delighted unusual year in 2021: The company used to be delisted from the Hong Kong Inventory Market on January 18. 

Huiyuan, China’s largest fruit juice company, used to be founded in Shandong Province in 1992, and listed in Hong Kong in 2007. Foundation in the 1990s, it efficiently branded itself as a top price product and particular drink for the Chinese Contemporary Yr holiday. But Huiyuan has had a total lot of apprehensive years. 

Initiating from 2009, the company began to lift on debt, Huiyuan 2012 and 2016 annual reports point to. In 2014 and 2015, Huiyuan reported gain losses (in Chinese). By 2016, its debt load used to be nearly 10 billion yuan ($1.55 billion). In April 2018, Huiyuan used to be suspended from trading on the Hong Kong Inventory Commerce. The company’s founder and chairman, Zhū Xīnlǐ 朱新礼, used to be added to a fine blacklist of debt defaulters (in Chinese) in 2019. 

Two companies would possibly well possess modified Huiyuan’s ancient past:

  • Coca-Cola desired to purchase Huiyuan in 2009, nonetheless China’s Ministry of Commerce nixed the deal (in Chinese) on antitrust grounds.  
  • In 2019, Tiandi No.1 Beverage 天地壹号, a much less-identified beverage company in China, tried to set apart a joint venture with Huiyuan, nonetheless this didn’t determine (in Chinese).

Meanwhile, assorted beverage companies possess courageous growth plans. 

  • Beijing’s Arctic Ocean 北冰洋, a steady drink designate 13 years older than the Of us’s Republic of China, is reported (in Chinese) to be attempting to secure a backdoor record.
  • Ice Peak 冰峰, a beverage company in Xi’an, started preparing for an IPO in Shanghai, in response to a December 2020 submitting (in Chinese).

Frida Qi (齐鑫), who grew up in Beijing, is a graduate pupil studying investigative and data journalism at the College of Missouri. She is a fan of cooking, tennis and traveling. Be taught more

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