Kenworth Unveils All-New Medium Duty Line

Kenworth’s new medium-accountability lineup of vocational vans sides a “car esteem” driving ride, extra room and a bunch of latest security suggestions.

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Refusing to cede the spotlight hot on the heels of the initiating of the brand new, Subsequent Generation T680 motorway tractor, Kenworth has announced the initiating of an all-new medium-accountability truck line. The brand new line of vans will duvet Classes 4 through 7, with a new “Minute one 8” configuration for mixer and dump capabilities.

The brand new line involves every straight vans as well to tractor devices and is the OEM’s first exchange of its medium-accountability offerings since 2007 and the introduction of the key all-new devices in nearly 30 years.

The initiating also marks the North American debut of the brand new Paccar TX-8 medium accountability automatic transmission, an all-new ZF-designed gearbox that sides a torque-converter and a famous, yet lightweight like that has been optimized for a wide collection of capabilities from pickup and shipping to utility carrier and a range of vocational capabilities.

The brand new devices are the Kenworth T180 (Class 5), Kenworth T280 (Class 6), Kenworth T380 (Class 7) and Kenworth T480 (light Class 8). To boot to, for customers desiring FEPTO, tubby guardian rails and mounted grille, Kenworth added the Kenworth T380V and Kenworth T480V with a vocational hood.

Medium-accountability suggestions for fleets now consist of every tractors and trailers, and “Minute one 8” vocational capabilities.

Photo: Jack Roberts

Kenworth confirmed the brand new vans to U.S. journalists at a toddle-and-force/show cloak event in downtown Phoenix, Arizona, on April 1. Talking to journalists forward of the force share of the event began, Kenworth Total Manager and Paccar Vice President Kevin Baney famed that the medium-accountability lineup featured “car-esteem” driveability and security sides.

“These Kenworth devices bear very unbiased appropriate versatility and maneuverability, huge 2.1-meter huge cab, unparalleled visibility and driver-focused ergonomics, and new Paccar TX-8 transmission,” Baney mentioned. “The brand new vans are designed to reduction an colossal kind of capabilities including cargo and reefer van, beverage, tow and recovery, utility and authorities, fuel oil and propane, landscaping, fire and dump and mixer.”

The vans could presumably presumably simply be specified with either a outmoded low roof or a raised roof likelihood. The low roof is 63 inches gargantuan, 4 inches shorter than the raised roof, making it supreme for height-restricted capabilities, Baney mentioned.

An All-Unique Automated Transmission

In step with Joe Adams, chief engineer for Kenworth, bigger than 500 folks participated in like study to reduction the medium accountability like team account for the scale and honest-tuned ergonomics of the brand new devices. In all probability most noticeable is the brand new, wider cab with three-person seating with the bench seat as typical for the Kenworth T180, T280 and T380 and optional for the T480. Potentialities can also catch out diversified seating suggestions that contains high- or medium-abet seats for a delighted toddle.

Every other prominent new characteristic is the increased entrance windshield, which Adams mentioned enhances driver visibility by almost 17% when put next with the outdated devices. Sightlines to the entrance of the brand new vans are also aided by the brand new hood’s steep slope. Driver security can also be boosted by new interior noise reductions, which Adams mentioned is 50% quieter than the outdated medium accountability lineup.

He famed that Kenworth also reduced the cab by as much as 2 inches – relying upon configuration, a new characteristic that that benefits in-city drivers, who could presumably presumably simply climb inside and out of their truck as much as 60 cases daily.

A brand new run sides outmoded instrument displays as well to extremely programable show cloak show cloak and facts suggestions.

Photo: Jack Roberts

Also new is a high-visibility heart-run instrumentation cluster with a 7-bolt high-definition digital show cloak centered between four typical analog gauges — speedometer, tachometer, oil stress, and coolant temperature. Baney confirmed that this new run became developed similtaneously with the T680’s new show cloak cluster, even supposing the medium-accountability version retains outmoded gauges for the speedometer, tachometer, temperature and oil stress, as towards digital representations of these displays as in the increased truck. Baney mentioned customer focal level teams certain that the medium accountability market calm most well-liked outmoded instrumentation as well to configurable digital displays.

As with the T680’s show cloak show cloak, the integrated Kenworth Digital Conceal enables drivers to personalize facts on the show cloak to check their preferences. The 20 bodily expose-tales and variants make stronger either typical or metric devices. Extra “virtual expose-tales” are on hand. Within the digital show cloak, drivers can purchase from a range of screens that present explicit car facts, budge facts, gauges, and extra. The show cloak also enables drivers to customize the digital gauge structure idea from the a kind of accessory gauges, and intuitively integrates edifying driver assistance (ADAS) sides, when specified on the truck.

Kenworth’s new medium-accountability autos are on hand with the model one year 2021 Paccar PX-7 engine rated as much as 325 horsepower and 2021 Paccar PX-9 engine as much as 380 horsepower, relying upon BBC. With the introduction of the brand new medium-accountability autos, Kenworth presents — for the key time in its medium accountability vans — the strategy-zero emission Cummins Westport L9N pure gasoline engine that delivers 320 horsepower.

The brand new Paccar TX-8 automatic transmission is listed as typical equipment for the Kenworth T180, T280, T380 and T480. Adams mentioned the brand new gearbox presents soft performance and enhances fuel economy and has been optimized for a wide collection of capabilities from pickup and shipping to utility carrier and a range of vocational capabilities. When matched to the Paccar PX-7 or Paccar PX-9 engine, the transmission has a maximum torque ranking up 1,000 lb.-ft. of torque and a 57,000-lb. GCWR.

Engine procure entry to is simplified, with either Paccar mid-differ diesel engines, or Cummins Westport Natural Gas engines on hand.

Photo: Jack Roberts

Featuring an aluminum enclosure, the Paccar TX-8 transmission makes use of twin torsional dampers that enable smoother shifts, Adams mentioned. It also has first gear lockup – a characteristic that locks the torque converter at low speeds to toughen fuel efficiency and driveability. For vocational capabilities, especially in construction or aggregate and dust hauling, the transmission’s ‘ride mode’ presents a low, consistent tempo for even cloth spreading. The transmission also sides a hill start support to reduction prevent unintended car roll abet or roll forward.

A Multi-Skip Shift characteristic presents hastily and notify downshifts from any gear with immediate acceleration and tempo control. The transmission’s Adaptive Birth Equipment optimizes the initiating gear change to prick shifts whereas making improvements to fuel economy, whereas Neutral Sluggish Reduction watch over will shift into neutral when the brakes are utilized.

Extra sides and particulars in the medium-accountability lineup consist of:

  • A brand new “aero” grille, constructed with gleaming, annealed stainless-steel for increased durability and security from the aspects. Crowns are on hand in chrome or in-mold darkish grey. An exterior iciness entrance or worm show cloak could presumably presumably simply additionally be related to the entrance of the grille.
  • A brand new, engine-mounted, air-intake system sides an car-kind flat panel filter like with a one-fragment intake pipe and optional, remotely controlled inside/out of doorways air control. The system is nice with a pre-cleaner/ember separator. The brand new like reduces cab noise, presents ease of carrier, and cuts the price of change filter aspects.
  • An air-assisted hydraulic clutch for vans spec’d with manual transmissions reduces driver fatigue through a pedal like that better matches a driver’s foot perspective when participating the clutch.
  • Three new bumper configurations, including a outmoded one-fragment bumper, or an optional three-fragment breakaway “aero” bumper; or a rear-mounted one-fragment channel bumper; and a vocational bumper with suggestions for a tow hook, fog lights, headlights, sunlight hours working lights (DRL) and other mounts.
  • Redesigned DEF tanks provide improved thawing time, which reduces emissions and helps to amplify fuel economy. There are a range of DEF suggestions for a range of physique varieties.
  • Unique employ suggestions, including unbiased appropriate-hand, under cab DPF/SCR that optimizes cab procure entry to by utilizing a famous step and duvet like. An underframe DPF/SCR is on hand evidently BOC and presents an improved diffuser like. Advantages of this configuration are a shortened wheelbase providing a label of 5 inches and extra flexibility for under cab substances.
  • A brand new hydraulic brake with performance and feel same to participating a brake in a passenger car. The brake better matches a driver’s foot perspective to additional prick driver fatigue.
  • The optional Kenworth SmartWheel steering wheel controls for the Digital Conceal provide car-level functionality. The multi-characteristic wheel sides scroll enter that keeps taking into record hastily fingertip control.
  • A brand new, typical steering column is designed to lengthen ergonomic differ of circulation, prick driver fatigue and toughen total comfort. It sides tubby-tilt and telescopic residing functionality, self-canceling turn signal functionality and column-mounted shifter.
  • Kenworth TruckTech+ A long way-off Diagnostics, an optional system which boosts car diagnostics by providing engine health facts from new Kenworth medium-accountability vans to hastily managers and Kenworth sellers. The system diagnoses the insist and presents the if truth be told useful solution to the driver and hastily supervisor.
  • Steering and entrance suspension with deep 50-degree typical wheel cuts for typical-monitor autos and 55-degree wheel cuts for huge monitor autos. Each designs say optimal maneuverability and turning radius in city work settings. The axles are nice with a wide collection of tire sizes (225/70R19.5 – 425/65R22.5). Lighter weight mono-leaf entrance springs (8K lbs., 10K lbs. and 12K lbs.) are on hand.
  • Throttle pedal: The brand new sturdy, inserting throttle pedal presents an car feel to Kenworth’s medium accountability vans. The brand new pedal helps prick driver-fatigue and sides a stir-resistant surface.
  • Transmission shifter: The improved column-mounted shifter presents improved ergonomics over the feeble pushbutton controller.

Baney mentioned Kenworth became conducting validation builds on the brand new truck line, with production slated to initiate in the third quarter of this one year.

Q&A: Kenworth Talks Manufacturing Delays, Unique Trucks, Tech

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