‘Leeks, assemble!’: Chinese retail investors show solidarity with GameStop stock buyers

“The build there could be oppression, there could be resistance. As an person seller in China, I’m paying shut consideration to this matter and standing firmly with my American counterparts!”

“This feels admire the proletariats all the arrangement thru the enviornment are coming together and rebelling.”

“They are going to now not be any longer leeks. That is the foremost fight of slaves who savor no longer yet been stripped of vitality. All americans could presumably perchance well light hear to this and cowl abet!”

“Essentially the most attention-grabbing path left for American folks is inserting up an armed battle and starting a violent revolution.”

“That is a victory of the working class. The united vitality of smartly-liked folks is the most productive key power that can urged society to stride in a correct path.”

The usa’s capitalist economic system is a sinister system structured to realize what’s most productive for the elite

“This yarn has made customary folks in The usa impress how insidious the capitalist economic system is. That is amazingly meaningful!”

“Wall Boulevard is no longer a charitable organization. It’s a blood-sucking build.”

“When they dangle, it’s all about freedom and democracy. When they lose, they enforce a trading freeze. Those folks are pirates dressed in love suits.”

“If this had been a dwelling in a Chinese language movie, the director could presumably perchance well be mocked for no longer having general data about how finance works. Nevertheless apparently, some things in trusty lifestyles will be more dramatic than what’s depicted in movies.”

Nevertheless Chinese language stock markets are injurious, and minute investors can’t discuss out

“Frankly speaking, I’m jealous that these redditors could presumably perchance well attain as they tickled factual for a pair of days. If something identical took build in China, the rebels would in the present day be slapped with accusations admire unlawful fundraising and market manipulation. And I don’t know within the occasion that they’d savor the possibility to discuss out. I’m essentially resentful that they’d the opportunity.”

“Who could presumably perchance well be ready to return forward and discuss out if this took build in China?”

“The stock market eats you alive and leaves no bones left! Exiguous-time investors in China’s A-part markets are admire leeks being harvested. We’re all losers being played by the system.”

“The usa is factual admire China.”

“I am hoping all minute investors all the arrangement thru the enviornment, including these in mainland China, will get rid of into narrative this a most indispensable warning sign.” 

The GameStop fiasco exposes the fraudulence of The usa’s just proper hypocrisy

“The so-known as democracy and freedom in The usa is all nonsense and crap.”

“The usa has essentially revealed its just proper-attempting face within the previous two years.”

“I’ve by no attain viewed American folks this united sooner than.”

“Wall Boulevard stole tricks from the Chinese language authorities. Shameless!”

“Even though harvesting leeks is customary in China, the strategy that these People used became certainly the foremost of its kind.”

“China’s success in combating the pandemic has introduced socialism to the U.S.”

“In most contemporary years, institutions of capitalist democracy savor taught us many significant lessons. Dreams are shattered…”

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