LELO x Megan Barton Hanson: Exclusive Interview

There’s extra to truth TV well-known person Megan Barton Hanson than meets the seek! We reached out to her to chat about what she’s learned by sex work, where her race is taking her next, and how living in the intense public seek offers her a platform to chat about taboo matters that gained’t plug unsilenced. We furthermore threw in some fun Qs—read on!

Q: What end you win into consideration to be your most animated private and professional achievements?

I’ve just lately started a podcast known as You Come First, and it’s doing so properly – it’s even reached #2 in the UK Podcast charts. I’m so proud to be talking about topics many detect as taboo and it’s easy so standard.

Q: Portray yourself the utilize of 3 adjectives.

Real, passionate, and a (tiny bit) wild.

Q: What does a in model day of work compare relish for you?

Wake up, COFFEE, work out, emails and work till about 6/7pm, then I sit down back. I cook some dinner, listen to song or read a e book.  I’m loving Untamed by Glennon Doyle – it’s a self-reduction e book mixed with a lesbian love yarn! Obliging…

Q: You’ve been open about becoming a member of the Handiest Followers neighborhood. What does this platform offer that others don’t?

I love OnlyFans as it enables the user to maintain fat control, from what deliver material they keep out to how critical they trace to what level of nudity they’re happy shooting to! It’s mountainous – it in actuality puts the energy reduction in to the sex workers fingers.

Q: Did you be taught any life classes by stripping? If that is the case, what are they?

It modified me as a person. I needed to develop up rapidly – you’re surrounded by drunk folks, half of-naked. At the starting place, you’ve in any appreciate times got to observe out and maintain your wits about you. However the Most powerful converse is self belief. I became once so afraid earlier than and staunch hungry for money, however I came out of stripping with critical extra than money! I felt relish for somebody relish me, so painfully afraid, if I could presumably strip and lumber staunch into a strip climb and interrogate for a job, I could presumably end something. Since that probability, I’ve in any appreciate times pushed myself—I maintain it’s the entirely approach you develop as a person.

Q: Were there any times on your occupation that you just felt relish you “tousled”? If that is the case, how did you leap reduction?

Yeah. After exiting Like Island I had a terribly public breakup and I went on one other relationship show veil straight after. In hind-search for, I staunch wasn’t ready. It wasn’t magnificent on me or the folks I dated on the show veil. I became once emotionally unavailable and staunch no longer in a factual place. I concentrate on time is a healer and I don’t compare reduction. I haven’t watched that show veil reduction as it’s no longer a factual reflection of me when I’m chuffed, so I staunch learned from it and moved on.

Q: Attain you separate your work life out of your place life? If that is the case, how?

I speak coming from a truth tv background it’s anxious because of many of the reveals I end and interviews I end are all about my home life and the staunch me (I’m too factual for my maintain factual frequently), however I would explain my Instagram feed and Handiest Followers yarn are a extra ‘boujee’, sassy version of me or me on my entirely days. The Instagram tales is where you detect the staunch Megan.

Q: What’s the most rewarding piece of your job, and how end you outline success?

For me it’s the talks I end or when I in actuality maintain somebody approach up to me in the boulevard and explain “I adore it’ll you talk on…” or I earn a straight message saying “thank you for talking on…, it’s given me self belief to…” For me, that’s so positive. I learned to no longer outline success on how critical you fetch a lengthy time ago—it’s what makes you feel total and deliver material at night. I suspect relish I’ve found my passion, to talk openly and in level of truth and to utilize my platform to educate and liberate females.

Q: Net you ever had any “holy shit, I’ve made it” moments?

Erm when I met put up Malone at Reading Competition, I nearly had a cardiac arrest. I went to the BAFTAs and the London Vogue Awards in 2019 too, they were staunch “pinch me” moments!

Q: What’s the entirely advice somebody has ever given you?

My mum is my entirely obedient friend, I’m so lucky to maintain this kind of sturdy bond along with her. She’s in any appreciate times taught me to be form, however brutally factual. To no longer veil how you feel and sugar coat issues however staunch explain it in a fine approach… Too many folks are insecure to be form in anguish of taking a compare outmoded. I concentrate on it’s mountainous beautiful.

Q: Attain you maintain any advice for young females with regard to their sexuality? 

Don’t speed to label yourself! I earn labels are extra for people’s serve. Don’t overthink your sexuality, all people’s race is rather about a. Even as you feel relish it’s most likely you’ll presumably’t approach out to your loved ones or mates staunch but, enjoy lumber that that you just damage up an LGBTQ+ neighborhood on social media or in person.

Q: Attain you maintain any pointers for discussing sexual wants with a partner?

Don’t be afraid! Basically the most attention-grabbing converse is self belief and communication is so critical. Even as you end earn afraid or awkward, presumably flirty texting is a factual device to talk what you take care of to prefer to test up on later in the bedroom. Even as you’re feeling a tiny bit braver ought to you’re every relaxed and chilled, launch the dialog and indicate issues it’s most likely you’ll presumably relish to test up on. Then interrogate your partner—presumably they’ve issues on their bucket checklist you never would maintain regarded as.

Q: What tune involves thoughts first when describing your sex life?

Single females – Beyoncé. Covid has performed me soiled! Thank god for LELO toys, that’s all I will explain.

Q: Even as it’s most likely you’ll presumably per chance sit down down for dinner with any 3 celebrities, who would they be?

Post Malone, Amber Rose and Margot Robbie.

Q: Attain you maintain any random passions folks doubtlessly don’t know about?

I love being outside. I’m barely of a tomboy once in some time. This year has been so strang,e however I discovered my love for being outside when I went on my first tenting day out with mates. I cherished making the fire up and staunch having deep dialog with mates without distractions.

Q: Must you were youthful, what did you take care of to prefer to be ought to you grew up?

I desired to be an air hostess! They in any appreciate times looked so glamorous, I concentrate on it became once staunch the purple lipstick in hindsight! Stripping no doubt superior me higher.

Q: Even as it’s most likely you’ll presumably per chance hire any actor to play yourself in a biographical film, who would you take?

We compare nothing alike however I’m hooked in to Natasha Lyonne!

Q: What job end you suspect you’d be in actuality factual straight away you occur to weren’t pursuing your contemporary occupation?

I concentrate on I would maintain cherished to maintain been in tv however the opposite facet of the camera, relish a producer or something. It appears to be like to be like so fun!

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