Mixed reactions on Chinese social media to news of Pete Buttigieg’s possible ambassadorship

Earlier this week, Axios reported, basically basically based on a pair of unnamed sources, that President-elect Joe Biden used to be pondering appointing his used presidential rival Pete Buttigieg to be his ambassador to China.

While the article careworn out that “China isn’t the most attention-grabbing foreign publish where Buttigieg, a polyglot, would possibly presumably also pause up,” and that “his title stays below dialogue for some home management positions as smartly,” loads of Chinese media outlets were hasty to capture up the yarn, with few of them highlighting the prospect of Buttigieg being the predominant openly homosexual U.S. ambassador to the country.

“In 2015, Buttigieg came out as homosexual,” Phoenix News wrote (in Chinese) in a Weibo publish on December 9. “In 2018, he married his greater half, Chasten Buttigieg, at a church in South Bend. The couple invited more than 200 traffic to their wedding.”

In one other celebratory publish (in Chinese) made by the Bid of LGBT — a Weibo-basically basically based digital journal with a focal level on the homosexual neighborhood in China — the group confirmed excitement on the rumor, writing, “China is at risk of personal its first homosexual U.S. ambassador!”

News about the doable appointment also got swift — and divided — reactions from social media users in China, with some expressing hope that Buttigieg would possibly presumably be a stable recommend for China’s LGBTQ neighborhood, but others calling his homosexuality “an affront to Chinese values and sensibilities.”

“I certainly hope he’ll downside social exclusion and make stronger lives for homosexual folk in China,” a Weibo person wrote (in Chinese), while one other one commented (in Chinese), “We desire more cultural imports worship this.”

Some were cautiously optimistic, but warned that making Buttigieg ambassador would make stronger the popular yet unsubstantiated thought that LGBTQ rights personal change into a tool for the U.S. to promote its ideologies and consume its hegemony. “In terms of LGBTQ activism in China, things can assemble complex when politics is alive to,” a Weibo commenter smartly-known (in Chinese).

And judging from the deluge of detrimental responses on social media, the downside is no longer entirely fake. “If here’s correct, the appointment ought to be a calculated transfer on Biden’s portion to humiliate China,” a Weibo person wrote (in Chinese). Every other scathing declare read (in Chinese), “Here’s an instance of political correctness outweighing abilities. It’s perfect too revolutionary for my taste.”

Striking Buttigieg’s personal existence apart, many of the feedback asked Chinese media to pause specializing in Buttigieg’s sexual identification, and to build more emphasis on how the lengthy rush ambassador can bring U.S.-China family aid from the cliff edge. “No subject who will get the job, I perfect desire him to be competent and pause in his lane,” wrote (in Chinese) a Weibo person.

Jiayun Feng used to be born in Shanghai, where she spent her first 20 years and earned a bachelor’s level in journalism at Fudan University. in writing for a world audience, she attended the NYU Graduate College of Journalism for its Global & Joint Program Study, which allowed her to pursue a journalism profession along along with her ardour in international family. She has beforehand interned for Sixth Tone and Shanghai On each day foundation. Learn more

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