Na: Warning Johnson over putt ‘right thing to do’

10: 22 PM ET

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The match Kevin Na received over Dustin Johnson on the Dell Applied sciences Match Play on Friday regarded to get a tiny testy on the par-3 11th gap. Johnson’s 8-foot birdie putt to head 2 up rimmed out of the cup, settling about 5 inches away, and he knocked it away.

Na stepped in, set his hand on Johnson’s shoulder, and urged him he wished to appear forward to the putt to be conceded.

Even from that length.

“Staunch, correct wait, precise. I comprehend or no longer it’s this,” Na said, maintaining his hands just a few inches apart. “Nevertheless you continue to thrill in to wait till I reveal or no longer it’s all precise.”

It sounded admire a lecture. Na said he did now not need Johnson’s failure to concede him the par putt in his head ahead of he confronted the 3-foot par putt to halve the outlet.

Na received the next gap when Johnson set his 2d into the water on the par-5 12th. Na stumbled on the water on the 13th. It was as soon as cease the remainder of the vogue till Na made a 20-foot birdie on the 17th and received the match with a 4-foot birdie on the 18th.

“I wasn’t going to divulge, ‘That’s a penalty, you are going to lose the outlet.’ I was as soon as going to divulge, ‘You know what? That was as soon as correct, anyway.’ I did now not must be over that putt and be brooding about that,” Na said.

“I judge or no longer it’s the precise pronounce to cease,” he said. “All americans is conscious of he can decide up a 6-disappear putt, so I judge I did the precise pronounce.”

Na insisted there is now not this kind of thing as a friction between him and Johnson.

“We took it properly,” Golfweek quoted Na as saying. “Dustin is admire, ‘Hello, glimpse or no longer it’s your name.’ I said, no, or no longer it’s a half. That’s a par. It’s a ways a par, yeah.”

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