Nier: Automata’s Best-Kept Secret Is Finally Found

Nier: Automata is a game with multiple endings, filled to the brim with laborious-to-get secrets and tactics. Mod-enthusiast, Lance McDonald, nonetheless, did more digging than anybody else to get Automata’s final “cheat code.” It sounds as if, gamers can skip to the game’s “E” ending correct after defeating Automata’s first boss bump into. I love Nier: Automata (and I surely want you to love it too). Its surprising finale sequence is nonetheless one of many most memorable gaming experiences I’ve ever had. I’d suggest playing thru the game’s three memoir routes earlier than seeing the factual ending. On the opposite hand, you may perchance additionally see the video under for more particulars; Lance turned into as soon as kind enough to shut the photos earlier than any major spoilers could also furthermore be considered.

I discovered a cheat code in NieR Automata that allows you to skip to the final ending right this moment after killing the significant boss and release the bonus modes. I jog to achieve a plump video rapidly. Or no longer it is miles never a glitch, it is an right cheat code laborious-coded into the engine. @yokotaro

— Lance McDonald (@manfightdragon) January 3, 2021

Whereas I’m no longer particularly certain on what the button inputs or requirements are to activate the skip, it looks as if 2B needs to be positioned between the 2 sets of three oil canisters (pictured above) while serve-dashing at a undeniable angle. In some design the conceal fades to dark, and Pod 153 begins to posit their effectively-known philosophical inquire of. That is no longer Lance McDonald’s first rodeo with Automata. Remaining August, they found a approach to derive admission to the game’s debug menus and applied a portray mode. That you may perchance perchance even see that video and tons more here. 

Nier Replicant, a remastered version of the significant Nier game that by no design launched in North The US, is slated for an April 23 liberate. The gameplay looks to derive upon Automata’s immediate-paced fight and chronicles a yarn that takes space hundreds of years earlier than 2B and 9S’ harrowing bolt. 

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