Norway decides not to change raw milk rules; salmon producers face review

Norway has opted to now not alternate the foundations across the sale of unpasteurized, uncooked milk to guard person health.

In 2017, the Ministry of Effectively being and Care Companies and products commissioned the Norwegian Food Safety Authority (Mattilsynet) to put together a draft law that allowed a restricted sale of unpasteurized, uncooked milk and uncooked cream for human consumption.

Proposed changes in the foundations could beget viewed farms sell as a lot as 5,000 liters of uncooked milk or uncooked cream per year if distinct circumstances were met, resembling suited hygiene, an unbroken frigid chain, and at the side of a warning statement.

Offer protection to public health

The draft law was discipline to public comment in 2018 and 2019 and received 37 comments.

In its decision to now not alternate the guidelines, the Ministry of Effectively being and Care Companies and products cited warnings from the Nationwide Institute of Public Effectively being (Folkehelseinstituttet), the Veterinary Institute and Norwegian College of Existence Sciences. All three groups raised questions in regards to the that it is advisable well also notify chance of an infection and of most important illness. Raw milk can hang Campylobacter, Listeria monocytogenes or Shiga toxin-producing E. coli (STEC).

“Food in Norway must quiet be fine, and the guidelines for foods and drinks must offer protection to buyers. It is our responsibility as politicians to facilitate this. It is on this basis that the authorities doesn’t enable sales of uncooked milk or cream,” said Zigzag Høie, Minister of Effectively being and Care Companies and products.

For the time being, it is forbidden to sell uncooked milk and uncooked cream for human consumption. All uncooked milk must undergo warmth treatment a linked to pasteurization sooner than it would be sold. In the guidelines, there’s a small exception for incidental sales of uncooked milk and cream. The instance given is a hiker who walks previous a farm in the mountains must quiet be ready to opt some milk, no matter pasteurization, from the farmer.

The Norwegian Food Safety Authority warns in opposition to ingesting uncooked milk. This applies especially to inclined groups resembling kids, the aged, pregnant females and of us with weakened immune methods.

“From a public health perspective, a restrictive achieve aside of dwelling of guidelines could well be the ideal chance-lowering measure to steer clear of illness in connection with the consumption of uncooked milk,” said Margrethe Hovda Røed, senior adviser on the Norwegian Food Safety Authority.

Listeria in fish shield a watch on

Meanwhile, the Norwegian Food Safety Authority is to possess an inspection campaign this year at salmon producers centered on Listeria shield a watch on.

The agency will glimpse measures, sampling and procedures to forestall the fish from turning into horrible with Listeria and routines to take care of any non-conformances.

“Since salmon and trout are largely eaten without warmth treatment and former for ready-to-eat merchandise resembling sushi, sashimi, smoked and cured fish, it is serious that producers beget efficient measures in opposition to Listeria,” said Elisabeth Wilmann, director of fish and seafood on the Norwegian Food Safety Authority.

In 2018 and 2019, there were serious outbreaks of listeriosis in quite loads of EU countries linked to consumption of fish merchandise. The uncooked provides were Norwegian salmon and trout. Affected merchandise were traced aid to processing plants in Poland and Estonia, however it can per chance well now not be dominated out that uncooked provides from Norway were horrible.

This link and the actual fact that more countries are making requires concerning Listeria in Norwegian fish is why the agency is working the campaign, said Wilmann.

The Norwegian Food Safety Authority’s journey is that operators of fish processing plants beget an accurate files of microbiological hazards in fish, and that centered work has been carried out on measures in opposition to Listeria. Alternatively, it is gradually detected in the manufacturing atmosphere of such sites.

The campaign began in mid-January and runs till September with a final document expected in direction of the finish of this year.

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