One Simply Terrific Thing: Ateco’s Offset Spatula

An offset spatula is well-known instrument for every home baker who wants to without issues and expertly spread frosting on desserts and cupcakes. And it has other makes use of, too!


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First and indispensable judge, it appears to be like just like the frequent butter knife does nearly all the pieces an offset spatula does. But by manner of frosting desserts and cupcakes or spreading batter in a pan, whenever you’ve an offset spatula you’ll never attain for that butter knife again!

Avid Baker? Then You Can also honest restful Dangle an Offset Spatula

I’ve had varied offset spatulas for years, but ever since I began to bake seriously Ateco’s 4 1/2 scurry offset spatula ($6 from Amazon) is the one I attain for more than the full others in my drawer. It’s wide sufficient to buy up a workable amount of frosting or transfer a sizeable amount of batter around, but no longer so wide that it’s unwieldy to make use of.

This offset spatula is the supreme instrument for frosting layer desserts and cupcakes.

  • The fascinating metal edge neatly scrapes and smooths out thin layers of frosting, whereas the angled offset make makes frosting the perimeters of a cake a lot simpler than whenever you had been awkwardly attempting to address and attitude a straight butter knife.
  • The flexible metal has quite of jump and presents, which naturally creates frosting swoops and swirls.
  • The offset nature potential you don’t must contort your hand when attempting to spread cake or brownie batter around a deep pan.
  • I’ve even reached for this spatula once I need a skinny utensil to journey between brownies or cake and the perimeters of the pan. It’s significantly adept at sliding all the intention in which thru the perimeters of a zigzag cheesecake pan, and since it’s so thin and flexible, it’s much less at risk of gouge the perimeters of the cheesecake.

So certain, there’s a butter knife sitting in your kitchen drawer, but whenever you’ve an offset spatula, put a question to to very top use that butter knife for its supposed purpose: to spread butter on toast.

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