One Simply Terrific Thing: Earlywood’s Tera Scraper

Who knew that a straightforward slab of wooden would change into a favourite cooking tool? Earlywood’s Tera scraper is the handiest non-metal utensil for nonstick pots and pans.


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I cook with somewhat about a nonstick pots, pans, and effectively-seasoned solid iron skillets, and attributable to that I’ve accrued somewhat about a non-metal utensils to discontinue scratching the surfaces.

The utensils I reach for quite a lot of are continuously fabricated from bamboo or wooden utensils, but after I used to be given an Earlywood Tera scraper a couple of years ago, it fleet grew to alter into my fresh favorite cooking tool!

Why Earlywood’s Wood Utensils Are the Only

The total Earlywood wooden utensils are ravishing to hit upon at, and extremely helpful.

The truth is, I exercise mine for all the pieces! The Tera scraper ($18) tends to be the utensil I reach for quite a lot of after I’m recede frying or sautéing. It’s very at hand after I’m cooking aromatics like garlic and onions, but upright as adept at breaking up ground meat and sausage. It even passes muster after I’m folding and establishing the fluffiest curds for scrambled eggs.

The laborious wooden historical in Earlywood’s merchandise approach the utensils won’t chip or break must you would even be scraping down the sides of the pan to acquire the fond (i.e. brown and caramelized meals bits) to open for a pan drippings gravy. The shorter rounded tackle brings your hand nearer to the pan for added regulate and energy, and the angled edge helps you to truly plight away at stubborn caught pieces of meals with out caring about unfavorable the skin of the pan.

I’ve even taken to using the scraper so that you just should add mix-ins to my cookie dough!

After I’ve made my cookie dough, anything which devour to be combined in (like chocolate chips, nuts or raisins) acquire added and are combined in by hand using the wooden amble. Attributable to the scraper’s thick wooden, I’m in a position to with out complications mix even the stiffest cookie dough, whereas the sturdy, rounded tackle discontinue feels pleased whereas I be distinct the combo-ins are evenly dispensed.

Who knew that a straightforward slab of wooden would change into one of my favorite cooking utensils?

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