Perfect Ten: Unikat’s ten-speed CB900C café racer

The early 80s Honda CB900C is believed to be one of doubtlessly the most uncommon bikes Honda ever made. It has a ten-saunter gearbox: five ‘odd’ ratios after which a dual-vary excessive/low selector, powerful like you’d safe in a conventional Land Rover.

It also has shaft power tailored from the Goldwing, air-assisted forks and shocks that must gentle be pumped up with a bicycle pump, and a kerb weight of nearly 600 kilos. Most no doubt no longer cloth for a café racer conversion then, unless your title is Grzegorz Korczak and as well you dart Poland’s Unikat workshop.

Grzegorz is a person that likes to whisk searching positives in the rest, and in the case of the CB900, a form of is the engine: a 902 cc DOHC mill with four 32 mm Keihin carbs and 84 hp, and digital pointless ignition.

“I bought the Honda in 2014 on memoir of I needed to originate a ‘procure’ café racer for myself,” he tells us. “I used to be a miniature stupefied of the uncommon construction and the 10-saunter gearbox—however the year of fabricate used to be the identical as my starting up, which instructed me it used to be destiny!”

Unikat possess spent over five years building up this CB. “That would perhaps appear to be too lengthy, however all that time I used to be slowly and efficiently reaching my purpose,” says Grzegorz. “Presently time, most good the engine, drivetrain and frame cradle dwell from the current. Every diverse element is both built from scratch or heavily transformed.”

He’s shortened the front suspension, transformed the tank and airbox, and repositioned the electrics below the seat. All of the current aluminum parts are hand-polished, and loads of others are in actuality chromed for a conventional cafe racer peep.

“Café racers are above all gentle, so we also obtained rid of all the pieces pointless,” says Grzegorz. “What does no longer must gentle be visible is hidden below the tank, or in the rear cease. The battery is below the swingarm axle, and the cables are hidden in the frame. The center of gravity is powerful decrease now, and entire weight is lowered by nearly 40 kg [88 pounds].”

There’s a sure trudge bike vibe here, helped by the reducing and slimming down undertaken by Unikat. They’ve decrease the bottom edge of the tank by over a centimeter, on memoir of “critical aspects invent the distinction.” The four air consumption ‘trumpets’ took bigger than a week to invent, with internal mesh, micro-threads and screw holes crafted with a watchmaker’s precision. There’s even a customised gasoline faucet.

Unikat possess fabricated current clip-ons, designed in this sort of mode that the screws that fasten them are no longer visible. There’s a Motogadget speedo in a customised bracket decrease from a single piece of aluminum, in conjunction with current customized chromed headlamp brackets. Kawasaki Vulcan hand controls change the sq.-ish Honda originals.

To salvage the stance honest, Grzegorz has ditched the current F19/R16 alloy wheels for 17-drag spoked rims with sportier proportions. The principle wheels he bought didn’t reasonably match, however a subsequent field of Takasago rims worked—after the varnish used to be peeled off to match the remaining of the bike. New brake discs were machined up too, however with the beefy shaft power to cater for, this used to be no straightforward matter.

The mighty inline four engine is now performed to an very honest true elevated stage than when it left the factory forty years ago, and has been handled to a beefy field of current customized pipes. There’s a Dynojet Stage 3 jet equipment to lovely-tune the four huge carburetors, so output will now be nudging the 100 hp build. Grzegorz has even made a transparent Plexiglas protect that he can keep in front of the rear wheel, in reveal that mud and water manufacture no longer lumber into the mesh consumption filters.

The lighting fixtures is equally ideal, with Motogadget flip signals embedded into the clip-ons and a brake gentle mounted on a swingarm bracket—in conjunction with the registration code holder.

Leather-basically based is yet any other Unikat trademark, and this CB is carrying ideal brown veil no longer most good on the seat, however also the grips. It’s a factual foil for the navy blue paint, which Grzegorz describes as “a factual, estimable and timeless color.”

It’s shut to the current Candy Poseidon Blue, idea to be one of two colours the CB900C used to be at the starting up offered in. “The finest part I most smartly-liked about the current bike used to be its navy blue paint. After about a attempts with our painter Marcin, we now possess done a paint that has honest true-searching depth.”

The CB900C is now registered and insured, and Grzegorz has in a roundabout device been playing the fruits of his labor on the roads of Wroclaw. But there’s a blank plate true at the back of the speedo, ready to be engraved with the title of the future owner. If which can be you, plunge Unikat a line.

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