Podcast: Expanded Autosport Podcast coverage for 2021

The day-to-day F1 weekend podcasts that Autosport started producing in 2020 will now be hosted by motorsport broadcaster Ariana Bravo.

Bravo is an skilled motorsport podcaster, who currently co-hosts the ‘Driven by Variety Podcast’, which shines the highlight on a kind of people from underrepresented backgrounds and discusses their skedaddle into motorsport, with the hope of energetic others from identical backgrounds.

Over the final one year, Bravo has been focused on presenting several F1-linked events, including being a host for the ‘Meet the Females of Formula 1’ series, organised by Ladies on Display screen UK and F1.

Faraway from F1 fade weekend coverage, the Autosport podcast will construct extra presentations that will likely be presented by fairly so much of members of our editorial personnel.

This might perhaps consist of dedicated episodes on the fairly so much of motorsport championships that Autosport reports on and a unusual weekly level to discussing the topical characteristic that occupies the principle duvet slot in Autosport magazine each week, which is ready to be presented by wide prix editor, Alex Kalinauckas, and Autosport chief editor, Kevin Turner.

You have to perhaps hear to the most fresh podcast utilizing the player below, or by downloading by method of all factual audio platforms including Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

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