Product Comparison of GIGI 2 vs. LIV 2 G-Spot Vibrators

Donna Turner

January 16, 2021

These beautifully-crafted pleasure makers may per chance merely peek almost an identical, but there are a pair of differences to present when selecting the becoming one for you. GIGI 2 and LIV 2 are mid-sized massagers that recognize actually been proven to ring a bell with our prospects, whether they be historical internally, externally, or a combination of every.

How G-Location Vibrators Work

G-site vibrators are normally phallic-formed devices that have faith vibrations and a utterly different shape that stimulates the inner of your vagina and vulva. Esteem you’ll see with GIGI 2 and LIV 2, these vibrators are a dinky of curved to namely stimulate the inner, upper wall, but may per chance merely also be historical to stimulate the clitoris. Most folk picture orgasm through clitoral stimulation on my own, adopted by a blended stimulation of the clitoris and vagina/anus. Most frequently, there aren’t a ton of limitations when it comes to what these toys can cease.


Product Specification Comparability

Dimension 165 x 35 x 33mm / 6.5 x 1.4 x 1.3in. 174 x 35 x 29mm / 6.9 x 1.4 x 1.1in.
Diameter 37.8mm / 1.5in. 30mm / 1.2in.
Insertable Length 95mm / 3.7in. 100mm / 3.9in.
Charging Time 2 hours 2 hours
Particular person Time Up to 2 hours Up to 4 hours
Standby Time Up to 90 days Up to 90 days


Predominant Differentiators 

The most significant distinction between GIGI 2 and LIV 2 when it comes to invent is the flattened tip on GIGI 2 as in opposition to the curved tip on LIV 2. The flattened tip is an improved invent by LELO that affords extra precision in stimulating the attach continuously is named the “G-site” that many picture feeling improper pleasure. Whereas you recognize you grab this model of stimulation, you may per chance well per chance also merely are attempting to stumble on GIGI 2 thanks to the extensive solutions got from prospects and sex toy reviewers. But don’t recognize any horror, LIV 2 also stimulates the G-site and has twice as worthy user time (must you may per chance well per chance outlive a 4 hour pleasure session, hats off to you).

Yet another distinction to present is that LIV 2 has a further 5mm/0.2in. of insertable dimension. You may per chance well also measure your G-site by inserting a suited finger inner your vagina and curving it in a “come hither” motion, then noting on your finger where that lies and measuring it after removing your finger. If your G-site lies deeper, LIV 2 will seemingly be an even bigger substitute for you. 

Final but below no circumstances least, GIGI 2 and LIV 2 are no longer restricted to these with vulvas and vaginas! They may per chance merely also be historical anally, that capability they’d per chance merely also be enjoyed no matter your anatomy or gender. 

Which Toy is Supreme for You?

We’ll strive to ruin it down merely within the next questions:

  • Are you the employ of this largely externally and customarily internally? Either are a big substitute.
  • Are you the employ of this largely internally and customarily externally? Test out GIGI 2.
  • Is charging your sex toy much less a priority for you? Test out LIV 2.

Hope this helps you utilize your finest pleasure!

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