Sequin in a Blue Room

There’s a contact of Gregg Araki about this formally brave LGBT+ drama about sex within the digital age.

Don’t sleep on this swiftly-paced and thematically juicy Australian indie by debut director Samuel Van Grinsven, which sees a bored 16-year-used schoolboy (Conor Leach) are residing out a double existence as a happy hustler whose on-line avatar is Sequin.

Announced within the credit score as ‘A Happy Movie’, in a nod to iconic unfamiliar director Gregg Araki, Sequin in a Blue Room plunges us straight into an international of mobile app-powered sexual hook-ups, as our supremely confident protagonist locks down a no-strings sexual liaison in a topic of seconds.

We learn, on the other hand, that his most standard modus operandi is one basically based entirely on ghosting, the assign each client is a one-and-done affair and their profiles are blocked as almost at present as the clinch is over. This leaves many (basically older) men disappointed and puzzled, but permits Sequin to live in total, emotion-free remark of his sexual destiny.

Van Grinsven depicts the a gigantic sequence of on-line interactions with scrolling text that seems on the mask, but does so in a formulation that’s stylistically reasonable – emphasising the transactional nature of Sequin’s standard of living and expunging it of from now on or less fun or glamour. The full film is shot with a glassy precision, utilizing many of shallow middle of attention portraits of our bodies in halt-up, and heaps extra and heaps gauzy blue and purple neon light to signify an international of hazy enigmas perfect sitting within the middle distance.

The “Blue Room” of the title is the name of a surreal sex social gathering to which Sequin manages to snag an invite. It’s a rental the assign nude men writhe in orgasmic pleasure within the encourage of semi-clear tarpaulin sheets and no person is allowed to reveal a be aware. Sequin falls in with a thriller partner and, all straight away, his tiresome, production-line arrive to relationships doesn’t seem so succesful from now on.

As snappy as the social gathering starts, it’s over, and Sequin finds himself within the connected location as the boys he rejected who are desperate for one more taste. What starts as an more than a number of high-faculty film about how the digital world collapses the gap between generations, ends up as an efficient thriller about lust getting the simpler of us finally.

Leach is magnetic and illusive within the lead, and Van Grinsven brings this engrossing myth together in a formulation which is straight away compelling as a genre film and sex-clear as a peruse of social mores.

Sequin in a Blue Room is launched via Peccadillo Photography on digital platforms from 9 April.

Published 7 Apr 2021

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Abnormal title, and the lead looks like as if a younger Eddie Redmayne.


Beautifully made, long-established and focused. Van Grinsven is one to catch a study.

In Retrospect.

The film achieves plenty on a low funds through subtle formal innovation.

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