Soca Stars Spotlight On COVID-19 In New Parang Song

Reported By Coral Sherman

Recordsdata Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Dec. 18, 2020: Trinidad and Tobago soca stars, Umi Marcano and Irwin “Scrunter” Reyes Johnson, are inserting the highlight on COVID-19, parang model, this Christmas.

“We Parangin,” lately launched reiterated the message of sanitizing, conceal wearing, social distancing and staying pleasant because the 2 sings: “Sanatize dem one at a time, sooner than dey advance an drink yuh rum!”

“It’s a ways our social obligation as artists to set sure Paranderos adhere to the COVID-19 guidelines, as here’s a Christmas love none sooner than it,” Marcano explained. 

The song fuses Soca Parang with dancehall without diluting the genre. It’s a ways on hand on all platforms: iTunes, Tunecore, Spotify, etc). Put together @umimarcano on Instagram. For bookings and interviews for each Umi & Scrunter e mail:

In Trinidad and Tobago, archaic parang music is largely conducted around Christmastime, when – pre-pandemic – singers and instrumentalists – collectively is named the parranderos – hotfoot from residence to residence within the community, in total joined by guests and neighbors household etc. the usage of whatever devices are at hand.

In model parang devices encompass the cuatro, a diminutive, four-string guitar; and maracas, within the community is named chac-chacs. Diversified devices in total aged are violin, guitar, claves, within the community is named toc-toc; field bass, an indigenous instrument, tambourine, mandolin, bandol, caja, a percussive field instrument, and marimbula, an Afro-Venezuelan instrument. In alternate for the entertainment, parranderos are historically given food and drink: pasteles, pastelle, sorrel, rum and Ponche Crema, a invent of alcoholic eggnog. A up to date form of parang has emerged in contemporary years known as Soca Parang.

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