Southern Plains: January Garden To-Do List

Transplant early spring bloomers appreciate bluebonnets (Lupinus texensis, Zones 3–9), toddler blue eyes (Nemophila phaceloides, annual), and spiderwort (Tradescantia spp. and cvs., Zones 4–12). Whereas October and November are a factual time to broadcast seed for spring-excellent wildflowers, January is the time to transplant the early spring bloomers, which is ready to already be visible as shrimp rosettes today. So whenever that you might also have extra seedlings growing, now is the time to transfer them around and expand their vary on your backyard if desired.

Plant bare-root bushes and shrubs now. Photo: Fionuala Campion

Plant bare-root bushes and shrubs. Whereas Arbor Day is illustrious in spring, the excellent time to plant bushes in the Southern Plains is mostly drop and winter. January is time to plant bare-root bushes (including fruit bushes), roses (Rosa spp. and cvs., Zones 3–9), and berry bushes, nevertheless. Planting them in January will give them various months to place a solid root machine sooner than the warmth of summer begins.

Add compost to your backyard now to prepare for spring divulge. Photo: Karen Beaty

Add compost to your backyard. Since many of your backyard beds would per chance be vacant this month, now is a mountainous time to add natural topic to your beds without anxious the vegetation. Spring divulge is correct across the nook, so any natural topic you add now will abet to take that divulge.

Decrease abet final year’s divulge on grasses and perennials that became left standing thru drop and December. Photo: Stephanie Fagan

Decrease abet grasses and perennials. Whereas much of ultimate year’s backyard divulge has seemingly died abet and been cleaned up by you already, about a things would possibly per chance dwell. Plant life that have been left standing for winter interest or as a source of meals or habitat for winter wildlife will also be reduce abet now. Grasses appreciate mountainous muhly grass (Muhlenbergia lindheimeri, Zones 7–11) or switchgrass (Panicum virgatum, Zones 4–9) will also be reduce abet now in attain of their new spring divulge.

Capture your seed orders now. Photo: Diana Koehm

Rifle thru the catalogs. You hardcore gardeners potentially bought your accepted seed catalogs in the mail in December. (Ought to you haven’t requested any but, it’s now not too gradual! Additionally, you will seek files from of your favorites on-line, and additionally they’re typically despatched in two to four weeks.) January is key time for dog-earing the pages of your new seed catalogs. Fetch out your catalogs, a pencil, and some sticky notes, and start planning for these spring gardens. About a of my accepted seed catalogs encompass Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, Native American Seed, and Seed Savers Exchange.

—Karen Beaty is a horticulturalist on the Lady Hen Johnson Wildflower Heart in Austin, Texas.

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