Star Trek: Discovery Review: Tyler Gets Transported

It could perchance perchance enjoy taken us until Big title Bolt: Discovery Season 1 Episode 11, nonetheless the sequence finally managed to label me cheer out loud.

We can finally finish pretending to admire Tyler and Sarek with a goatee and … oh my god… EMPEROR GEORGIOU?!?

It is going to be because I never watched the Big title Bolt Endeavor Replicate Universe arc, nonetheless I freakin’ LOVE studying about the Terran Empire.

There is one thing so… straightforward about a culture so utterly, unblinkingly, unapologetically, TERR-ible. 🙂

Executions for concept-crimes. Enslaving entire species admire the Kelpians to the reason for non-public groomers?

Agony chambers for prisoners. Promotions by arrangement of abolish. It be the manual on easy hunch an ambiance honorable empire on the gasoline of difficulty, loathe, and ambition.

An oppressive regime is, by nature, a shrinking regime.


The absolute best part the Terrans would possibly perchance moreover be applauded (?) for is that their notify structure looks to enjoy achieved some gender equality. It presumably helps that the Emperor is a girl.

And or no longer it’s such a worthwhile tool to make employ of to carry relieve the actors we loved in Chapter One whose characters received killed. Alas, uncomfortable Connor wasn’t long for the arena in either universe. 

With out a doubt, the singular highlight of this adventure was as soon as striking the Voq-ler storyline out of its worry. After they’d confirmed what the Net had whispered from the initiating put, I was as soon as performed performed DONE with Mr. “I recede to Constantly Offer protection to You” and his pie-in-the-sky pleased endings.

There is some irony within the truth that L’Rell was as soon as unable to destroy Burnham’s “tether” on his humanity, nonetheless when faced (!) with his Replicate-self main the insurrection Coalition of Hope and sharing a table with Vulcans, Andorians, and Tellarites… well that was as soon as a bridge too far. Disfavor overriding … affection, I wager.

Cleverly, the emergence of the Voq identity in truth answered Burnham’s questions at first about how deep it’s doubtless you’ll disguise your correct self ahead of you give in to the charade.

Can you veil your coronary heart? Can you bury your decency? Can you continue to faux to be one among them? Even as, itsy-bitsy by itsy-bitsy, it kills the person you in truth are.


And the employ of his execution to smuggle the intel on the U.S.S. Defiant to Saru? It was as soon as very convenient and paying homage to Georgiou’s tactic on the Fight of the Binary Stars to seed the Klingon bodies with warheads. A war crime that Replicate-Voq perceived to attribute to Replicate-Burnham’s CV of horrifying acts. Butcher of the Binary Stars, certainly.

If one thing in this season of Discovery will label me yell, I’m certain it will almost definitely be one thing to originate with Stamets. I discovered myself in complete emotional denial when he flat-lined. Thank goodness that paid off for me. And I enjoy a feeling that Replicate-Stamets would be as friendly as Kaptain Killy.

Speaking of which, or no longer it’s miles so gosh-darned tremendous that Cadet Tilly is getting a probability to indicate her chops within the mycelial arena (and optimistically carry out that every-valuable advice to the Repeat Program). Peaceable, I in truth skills her extra when she’s cussing and threatening folks.

Admittedly, having Saru mentor her while she has to masquerade because the captain is an tidy ability to carry the 2 together when their respective roles in general wouldn’t intersect.

It also looks that she will better snort herself to Saru than to any assorted commanding officer she’s handled to this point.

Yay for inner most roar.

Burnham’s parley with the rebellions’ leaders illustrated how the writers would possibly perchance juggle a pair of targets in a single scene. Moreover triggering Tyler’s assault on Replicate-Voq, it printed plenty about how the Terran Empire has change accurate into a unifying agent for the rebels.

It also demonstrated how Replicate-selves don’t appear to be essentially a straightforward true-horrifying flip. Replicate-Voq has the identical motivations nonetheless extra energy of mind and agency than High Voq-was-Tyler-because-L’Rell-told-me-to.

Since Sarek is assiduously neutral within the High Universe, his inverse is peaceful neutral (even with the goatee) within the Replicate Universe. It looks that logic is the supreme zero of morality. And but, Replicate-Sarek’s myth of what he recount in Burnham’s mind is quite poetic too, which belies pure logic.

I behold a global bursting with doable… a child molded by data and a seemingly not doubtless depth of human compassion.


Ever since the Voq-ler Diagram was as soon as confirmed, the Net has moved on, and space speculations are now Lorca-centered. I recede to admit that I would possibly carry that he be precisely who we judge he’s. It could perchance be a bit of a watch-curler if there had been ANOTHER wacky indicate ahead of the season wraps up.

His time within the agony chambers clearly affects him and his skill to strategize successfully. While he’s never been the gold bizarre in terms of protocols, his advice to offer the command in self belief to assassinate the insurrection crude planet was as soon as startlingly pragmatic.

We’re all human right here. All of us initiate out with the identical drives, the identical needs. Presumably none of us, it’s miles no longer in truth valuable what world we’re from, in truth know what darkness is ready inner.


My easiest quibble with this episode was as soon as Saru’s quiz to Burnham about Kelpians. Mad by how xenophobic the Terran Empire is, why would he even demand if a non-human was as soon as aboard the Shenzhou?

It gave the affect a extremely contrived ability to get Burnham to destroy the oath she made to him on the discontinuance of Big title Bolt Discovery Season 1 Episode 5, continuously to yell him the truth.

I will be capable of no longer recommend sufficient to see Big title Bolt: Discovery on-line since there are such quite a lot of nuanced itsy-bitsy print and ravishing itsy-bitsy moments for the duration of.

Yes, they in truth ran with four DIFFERENT space-lines, nonetheless they OWNED them. I was as soon as never unclear as to what was as soon as occurring.

The worthwhile quiz is: What occurs next?

How originate you judge the L’Rell-Voq reunion goes to recede within the brig? 

Who originate you judge managed to flee Harlak ahead of the Emperor’s ship blew it up? How does that enjoy an impact on Burnham’s street cred?

What’s next for Stamets? I REALLY are looking to hear your theories on this one!

I believe Replicate-Saru would possibly tag (great extra) valuable inviting ahead. Thoughts?

Did anyone else derive it attention-grabbing that Replicate-Detmer has had extra lines in Chapter Two than in ALL of the significant half of the season?

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