Superstore Season 6 Episode 13 Review: Lowell Anderson

The generous episode before Superstore’s tall finale is a exiguous underwhelming.

However it absolutely peaceable has humorous moments and thrilling story twists, along with a tall cliffhanger on the cease.

Superstore Season 6 Episode 13 would maybe presumably presumably now no longer be as riveting as some varied episodes, but “Lowell Anderson” solutions some of the questions now we agree with been asking since the initiating set of the season. 

For one, there would possibly maybe be the considerably-of-a-esteem-triangle between Garrett, Dina, and Brian. Simplest, it is miles rarely a esteem triangle anymore since Dina went around soliciting for breakup advice, planning to entire issues with Brian.

We beneath no circumstances in actual fact discover why, but it absolutely is now no longer laborious to study between the lines. Brian is sweet, caring, and considerate. It has been evident since Superstore Season 5 Episode 16 that Dina and Brian agree with loads on the total, namely their esteem of animals.

Despite Brian being doubtlessly the predominant boyfriend, he has beneath no circumstances kept Dina on her toes the manner Garrett does.

We are now no longer announcing that esteem would maybe presumably presumably additionally peaceable be unstable, regardless that Garrett and Dina’s relationship has beneath no circumstances been like that (moreover when he lied about her birds). However esteem would maybe presumably presumably additionally peaceable be sweet and passionate; it would maybe presumably presumably additionally peaceable be form and stimulating.

Your accomplice would maybe presumably presumably additionally peaceable be your absolute biggest friend, and likewise possibilities are you’ll presumably presumably presumably additionally peaceable beneath no circumstances settle on for anything else much less.

Dina and Garrett agree with been friends for decades, no topic some turbulent cases. They survived a friends-with-advantages affiliation and a betrayal. Now, they look like closer than ever.

Brian would maybe presumably presumably honest, but esteem can’t continue to exist on romance or bodily intimacy by myself. There needs to be a safe friendship.

It doesn’t topic if it develops as you descend in esteem with any individual or ought to you were friends for years already. It gorgeous have to be fresh.

And where is Dina and Brian’s friendship? They absolutely esteem one every other, and it is evident thru Brian’s exiguous items for Dina and Dina’s fear of wounding Brian when she breaks up with him. However a relationship can’t continue to exist on simply caring for any individual.

Take hold of Superstore Season 6 Episode 11. Dina had somewhat the time out when she by chance got high off chemical fumes. She did now no longer need someone to know, along with Brian. She became alive to to take care of this incident a secret and enlisted Cheyenne’s encourage with the task.

However Dina had no topic telling Garrett about what took set of dwelling. They straight dived correct into a conversation, and she or he had no topic laughing about it with Garrett. 

This teach of affairs is the identical of coming residence after a lengthy day at work and making an strive gorgeous to deem about advice out of your accomplice about what took set of dwelling, no topic how crazy your day became. Dina did now no longer even hesitate to teach Garrett.

Dina and Garrett agree with continually been there for each varied, even when it became unexpected.

Their banter is enjoyable and witty, and they beneath no circumstances seem to escape out of issues to focus on. They esteem spending time collectively, whether having a soft night in or going out for dinner. They’ve thrilling bodily and emotional intimacy.

So, how would maybe presumably presumably Dina now no longer wreck up with Brian? At the cease of the day, her emotions for Garrett were continually stronger, which is why after the breakup, she asks out Garrett in a mode that’s so approved of them — subtly thru their prankish banter making an strive to shroud who likes who more.

We imagine these are officially endgame, and lets now no longer be happier for them.

That it is likely you’ll agree with in actual fact unsuitable tips, alright? You are now no longer a genius; you are gorgeous a rick dick!


However the vital storyline on “Lowell Anderson” revolves across the titular personality. Lowell Anderson, the son of Cloud 9’s founder, will pay an unexpected focus on over with to Store 1217 for the day.

Glenn is natty wrathful to agree with him, but Cheyenne? Now no longer so out of the ordinary.

Lowell is your worst nightmare multiplied by infinity. Glenn doesn’t to initiating with survey that on memoir of he has blindly supported Lowell since he put Glenn’s father out of industry.

In spite of everything, Glenn believed Lowell became a gentleman about it, lacking the vital point completely — there would possibly maybe be nothing form a couple of tall corporation killing a little industry.

Glenn: Mr. Anderson is now no longer your approved heartless businessman. My father had a ironmongery store, Sturgis & Sons, and Cloud 9 undersold us and put us out of industry, but my dad talked about that you just were continually a gentleman about it; even took him out to dinner on the night that the store closed for correct!

Marcus: Wow, mensch alert!

Jonah: I’m sorry, did we now no longer hear the “put him out of industry” fragment?

However since Cheyenne is now no longer accustomed to Lowell, she can take care of a step lend a hand and acknowledge how unpleasant he’s. 

He acts like each unsuitable customer when the use of products and hanging them lend a hand in a virulent disease. This motion is unpleasant at any time of the twelve months, but it absolutely is infinitely worse concerned within the volume of anguish Lowell put of us in with how careless he’s.

Furthermore, he reveals up suddenly and tries to escape the store his manner. His tips are now no longer even insightful — he bullies of us into wearing what he needs them to wear, proposes crazy tips, and makes life infinitely more difficult for purchasers and workers.

Lowell is but every other instance of how unpleasant and heartless company of us are. He doesn’t care about possibilities, even though he claims he does. He’s only in it for himself, and it is evident when he doesn’t even bat an sight on the total hurt he no longer without extend prompted.

Glenn at generous stands up for himself, though, which is a silver lining. Most ceaselessly, it is Jonah or Amy telling off company. Even Sandra has before, and Cheyenne got her opportunity before Glenn at generous steps in.

After six seasons of seeing how passive Glenn will likely be, it is rewarding to search him withstand company at generous. He’ll now now no longer let Lowell bully him and his workers, and he absolutely makes it certain when he shoves dog meals in Lowell’s face.

However whereas this storyline has been a exiguous overdone on Superstore, it is refreshing to survey it one generous time with the founders of Cloud 9 before the snort ends. Besides, Lowell says something that makes dismay bells ring. In accordance with Lowell, Zephra is shutting down Cloud 9 stores. 

Whereas Glenn and Mateo push apart Lowell on account of how wacky he’s, Cheyenne is anxious. She even calls any individual on the cease of the episode — a very special any individual that pulls the episode collectively.

Sandra: What issues is that Amy’s single. Now right here is the scheme. You are gonna call Amy and bellow you desire to agree with one generous special night collectively. However right here’s what she doesn’t know: I’m gonna mosey a gap within the condom —

Jonah: What?! No! This is now no longer — no! No. I’m over Amy, k? And I’m with Hannah now.

Sandra: Then what the fuck agree with we been doing all day?!

Lowell Anderson’s closing assertion ties into every other storyline on Superstore Season 6 Episode 13 between Sandra and Jonah.

Jonah now no longer too lengthy ago began seeing Hannah, Carol’s attorney. However hassle would maybe presumably presumably already be brewing when Hannah tells Jonah she spoke to Amy about Carol’s case. Jonah is in what Hannah has to narrate, and tons more so when he finds out she is up within the mountains someplace.

And when Sandra catches Jonah taking a discover at Emma’s Instagram, she volunteers to encourage Jonah. In spite of everything, Sandra would volunteer herself — now we agree with established as early as Superstore Season 3 that she is their main “shipper” and peaceable roots for them to be collectively.

That would maybe presumably presumably now no longer be clearer when she makes it a private mission to determine whether Amy is on vacation by myself, with family, or with a brand unique esteem hobby.

Now we agree with continually enjoyed Sandra geek out over Amy and Jonah’s relationship, mirroring our emotions. “Lowell Anderson” absolutely reminds us that Sandra feels the identical manner we all originate, even though she is overbearing and tainted at cases.

However regardless that Jonah and Sandra at generous search Amy is purely on vacation along with her children, he insists he has moved on and is completely overjoyed with Hannah.

Whereas we are in a position to continually root for Jonah and Amy, it is additionally mandatory for Jonah to acknowledge how sturdy this past twelve months has been, moreover COVID. Amy rejected a attainable marriage proposal and left him picking up the objects of their relationship in St. Louis whereas she went to California with their children.

Yes, everybody knows that Emma and Parker are Adam’s children, but now we agree with additionally viewed how Jonah has impacted their lives. Jonah helped Amy lift Parker — we wouldn’t be a great deal shocked if Parker appears to be to be like at Jonah as his real dad and now no longer Adam.

And whereas Adam raised Emma with Amy, they lived within the identical residence lengthy ample to remember him as a stepfather, even though Amy and Jonah were now no longer legally married.

Lowell: Glenn, I’m gonna teach you something painful, but you desire to know. I didn’t precisely take care of your dad dinner that night. Truth is, that night I supplied your dad a gamble to connect his store. I informed him I would cease underselling him if he would maybe presumably presumably shroud he would maybe presumably presumably escape with the tall canines by drinking a can of dog meals. It became very humorous.

Glenn: What’s the humorous fragment?

Lowell: Effectively, he ate the dog meals, and I closed his store anyway. I imply, you select up it?

Glenn: I will be succesful to survey why Dad changed some details about that evening.

Lowell: Glenn, there are two kinds of of us on this world. Traditional of us that eat dog meals, and safe of us that assign them eat it. Now, what form are you?

Glenn: Are we certain there’s gorgeous the 2?

The point is, Jonah became heartbroken 1,000,000 cases over when Amy left. Whereas we hope they select up lend a hand collectively on the sequence finale, we’re additionally relieved to survey Jonah acknowledge how painful this twelve months became for him, and we’re completely overjoyed to survey him in a greater set of dwelling.

Despite Jonah insisting he’s over Amy, the storyline suggests Amy’s return to Store 1217, namely since NBC introduced The United States Ferrera’s return for the finale.

And within the outdated exiguous while on Superstore Season 6 Episode 13, we study the manner she will be able to reappear — Cheyenne calls Amy and asks her to discover into Lowell’s assertion about Zephra closing Cloud 9 stores.

Pondering the following episode is the sequence finale, it is miles rarely taking a discover so hot for Store 1217, regardless that issues are taking a discover up for Jonah and Amy. We can gorgeous settle on to survey how issues play out! 

We elect to listen to from you, Enthusiasts!

What did you take into memoir Superstore Season 6 Episode 13?

How originate possibilities are you’ll presumably presumably presumably be feeling about Store 1217 doubtlessly closing?

Did the twist surprise you on the cease of the episode?

Enact you deem Amy and Jonah will select up lend a hand collectively?

Are you completely overjoyed about Dina and Garrett’s relationship?

What would you adore to survey on the sequence finale?

Enable us to know your thoughts within the feedback below!

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