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Likhang Maragondon

As we live at home for the length of this quarantine season, it’s the least bit times to take into accounta good recommendation to make functional activities, such as redecorating your non-public home. Now not only is it a fun thing to make, however it’s moreover a vogue to freshen and liven up your sanctuary while keeping fetch and sound. Whenever you occur to’re planning on doing so, why no longer store native and purchase native handicrafts?

Likhang Maragondon’s differ of handwoven and handcrafted native merchandise

Likhang Maragondon, a handicraft store from Cavite, makes all forms of eco-fantastic objects from handwoven masks, desk runners, to crochet accessories. With the tagline “Heritage for your hands. Crafted with a cause,” this native change is a local project that makes use of the abilities of skilled Maragondon-essentially based artisans in crafting recurring veteran objects which will be sustainable and proudly Pinoy.

Thru their impeccable craftsmanship, Likhang Maragondon creates stunning native goods made out of pure inventive prowess and a design to protect their tradition. Right here are some of them:

Handwoven Face Cloak

Habing Maragondon is made from vintage wood looms made by the final three weavers of Maragondon. It’s moreover the principle native hand-woven face veil that conformed to the DOST-PTRI, DOH-PHST, and WHO, and has passed thru several assessments completed by DOST-PTRI to uncover particular the veil adhered to the urged minimum specs for non-medical face masks for neighborhood use.

Habing Maragondon Face Cloak is priced at P350 every

Now not only is it fetch to build on veil, it’s moreover very hot and blissful to build on! It’s gargantuan enough to duvet the mouth and nostril, and it makes use of a nostril wire for a cosy fit. It has subtle and sturdy ear loops that will seemingly be adjusted depending for your face measurement, and it’s ergonomically designed for ease of use.

Their Habing Maragondon sequence has several face veil designs that you’ll esteem, named after particular Filipino attitudes such as Magiting, Mayumi, Mapagmahal, Makabayan, and Matapat.

Bamboo Speaker

Bamboo Speaker is priced at P475

Now, listening to track will seemingly be made sustainable as neatly! Meet Likhang Maragondon’s Bamboo Speaker, which is one of our favorites as it’s a double cause item as a speaker, and as a desk accent. This eco-fantastic speaker is carved by bamboo craftsmen from Maragondon, too. It has a sever within the heart the build you presumably would possibly possibly possibly inform your phone and play track as it amplifies the sound. It’s sensible and intensely easy to use–no more charging, batteries, and tangly wires considerable!


18”x18” pillowcase (Position of 2) at P800

Orderly up your residing space with these Habing Maragondon throw pillowcases! These enticing pillowcases uncover the trustworthy item to brighten your couch with its stunning patterns. These pillowcases reach in assorted colors, so you presumably would possibly possibly possibly protect end which one would complement your residing jam’s palette. Its recurring, veteran assemble perfectly stands out as a ornamental component for your comely home.

Bamboo Lantern

Bamboo Lantern priced at P1,100

One other accent piece that’ll positively take somebody’s consideration is that this Bamboo Lantern, moreover crafted by the skilled craftsmen of Maragondon. This stunning ornamental lantern will seemingly be ancient in a lot of varied strategies. It’s most often a candleholder, a plant container, or you presumably would possibly possibly possibly moreover ethical show veil it as it’s! It’s a trustworthy centerpiece whether indoors or outside with its easy but pretty assemble.

Likhang Maragondon moreover sells other well-known and suave objects such as desk runners, fridge and water dispenser covers, bags, poncho, scarf, and more. Whenever you occur to’re partial to inventive and veteran handcrafted and handwoven objects, Likhang Maragondon is price every penny spent. Apart from getting gargantuan fantastic pieces, you’ll be in a web page to toughen native companies, native artisans, and weavers’ livelihood, and merit retain their neatly-saved traditions alive.

Discover Likhang Maragondon on Fb, Instagram, and Twitter to perceive more about their novel affords and other data. You presumably would possibly possibly possibly contact them at 0995-138-1813 or electronic mail likhangmaragondon@yahoo.com for any queries.

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