The Billion Seconds Institute: A Collective Learning Network

Since 2015, our pals at IAM have organized annual conferences and introduced together all types of artists, designers, strategists, researchers and protection makers for a vary of initiatives. Their draw has repeatedly been to make spaces to fragment solutions and imagine better futures together. I was one among the audio system at their very first conference and there used to be this kind of numerous neighborhood, with so many diversified views, I came residence feeling cherish I was seeing the sector with glossy eyes. It’s been fascinating to watch them evolve and I do know this past twelve months introduced a quantity of changes.

The organizers for the time being are launching The Billion Seconds Institute. While you abilities exploring the residence where art and technology meet and/or you’re fervent the least bit concerning the vogue forward for our planet, this is able to also be for you! If it’s the relaxation cherish the conference we attended, it would be mind-expanding. Head over to their Kickstarter to learn extra.

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