The Mole Agent

This whimsical documentary traces an undercover search for mission for a doddery Chilean pensioner.

Sergio Chamy is 83 years young. His spouse has handed, he has an broad family and he’s accrued got most of his marbles in tact. Yet a widower’s existence can turn into repetitive and lonely, so he responds to an advert from a detective agency searching out out someone who’s over the age of 80 (tick), has all his marbles (tick), and wouldn’t in actuality feel morally afflicted by the probability of coming into a nursing residence for a three month spying mission (tick). The candidate would also will deserve to possess long-established files of smartphone technology, in particular in terms of surreptitious video and audio recording (substandard).

It feels immoral to consult Maite Alberdi’s sweet shrimp movie as a documentary, because the total situation-up is itself a situation-up, which has largely been staged and sculpted. Yet the style she can get around the stigma of the camera is by telling the residents of the nursing residence that they are there filming for other causes, and that in flip lets within the topics to let their emotional guard down.

At the centre is Sergio, and we within the origin see he haphazardly peeks around doors, friends through windows, and searches desperately for his model – a withdrawn older girl whose daughter believes she is being abused and swindled by their father. Our hero, sadly, cannot maintain the photo he became once proven of her, and so must trek around in circles making smalltalk with the full female residents – who appear to outnumber the male residents ten to one.

All americans likes Sergio. Some categorical emotions that transcend uncomplicated fondness. There are many comical scenes of awkward courtship makes an attempt, as some ladies detect him as a predominant maintain and are enraged on the probability of being pondering about the nursing residence’s first in-residence wedding. It’s a breezy and bittersweet movie, packed plump of honest characters and shooting heaps of awkwardly intimate confrontations, and through Sergio’s high-tail we detect each the sunshine and murky sides of coming into into your twilight years.

It’s per chance a little bit of too itsy-bitsy for its enjoy correct kind, especially because the total “agent” side is moderately unparalleled distributed with on the half-map point. The novelty side of the spying sub-allege also undercuts one of the essential crucial movie’s more extreme, journalistic ambitions about the allege of in style caregiving and the truth that these residence are worn as step by step to dump undesirable and pesky of us as they’re venues for living out a more gregarious closing act in existence.

Revealed 10 Dec 2020

Maite Alberdi
The Mole Agent


Unparalleled searching documentary that’s most frequently James Bond events zimmer frames and jigsaw puzzles.


Largely rides on the charm of its bemused central figure.

In Retrospect.

A relaxing shrimp diversion, but nothing more.

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