These Caribbean Countries Have No Active Cases Of COVID-19

St. Kitts And Nevis is COVID-19 free.

By NAN Staff Writer

Files Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Tues. April 6, 2021: Two nations in the Caribbean house now dangle the dignity of boosting of no active COVID-19 cases, most contemporary info point out.

The British Caribbean island of Montserrat and Saint Kitts & Nevis are amongst the suitable contemporary COVID-19 free locations in the house.

Montserrat most attention-grabbing reported 20 cases because the pandemic began. Nineteen of these dangle all recovered and one person has died from the virus.

Saint Kitts & Nevis has reported marvelous 44 cases in total and all 44 dangle recovered. Most importantly, the island had no deaths from the virus.

They be part of Falklands, Micronesia, The Marshall Islands, Saint Pierre Miquelon and the Faeroe Islands because the suitable COVID-19 free locations globally and where the total cases dangle recovered from the virus.

Saint Kitts & Nevis is birth to tourists, but they are required to: put up a detrimental COVID-19 RT-PCR take a look at result from a CLIA/CDC/UKAS accredited lab accredited with ISO/IEO 17025 commonplace, taken within 72 hours of jog, alongside with required embarkation set aside and all change supporting documentation.

 A collection aside is required irrespective of age. Kinds needs to be submitted no later than 24 hours before jog. The country is most attention-grabbing COVID-19 PCR assessments taken by nasopharyngeal sample and now not fleet assessments or home assessments. All long-established documentation submitted, including detrimental COVID-19 take a look at outcomes, needs to be brought in person and presented upon arrival.

Visit to gain admission to the set aside and upload take a look at.

Upon arrival, you’ve got your temperature checked and requested to respond to a series of health screening questions, including health and jog history.

Relying to your length of preserve, the extra following guidelines apply: 1-7 days: company are free to switch about the resort property, interact with change company and partake in resort actions; 8-14 days: company will undergo an RT-PCR take a look at (USD 100 Nationals/Residents and USD 150 non-Nationals/non-Residents) on day 7. If the traveler assessments detrimental on day 8, they are allowed, thru the resort’s tour desk, to book desire out excursions and gain admission to desire out vacation house internet sites.

Fourteen days or longer: company will want to undergo an RT-PCR take a look at (USD 100 Nationals/Residents and USD 150 non-Nationals/non-Residents) on day 14, and in the occasion that they take a look at detrimental the traveler will most definitely be allowed to combine into St. Kitts and Nevis. Masks are required in any appreciate time alongside with social distancing.

For departures, all travelers are required to capture an RT-PCR take a look at (USD 150, customer’s price) 48 to 72 hours before departure.

If glorious sooner than departure, the traveler will most definitely be required to preserve in isolation at their price, at their respective resort. If detrimental, travelers will proceed with departure on their respective date.


At this time, jog to Montserrat is most attention-grabbing by air through our global jog gateway, Antigua. Alongside with the detrimental COVID-19 Take a look at Results, all individuals must still register to jog to Montserrat before reserving their flights to Montserrat. There might be restricted allowance for travellers there.

This registration job requires individuals to end and put up the declaration set aside revealed on the Authorities of Montserrat internet pages The set aside needs to be done and submitted no later than three days before reserving a trace to enter Montserrat.

All individuals arriving on Montserrat will most definitely be required to self-quarantine for 14-days If such individuals are staying at a map with change occupants, the host and family can even be required to self-quarantine. Following an evaluate, the Ministry of Health & Social Companies will earn a dedication and expose whether the total family would perchance perchance perchance also still even be quarantined.

All individuals must wear a veil or face overlaying on the airplane, and whereas being processed at the Airport. Upon arrival in Montserrat, Health Officers will veil passengers sooner than allowing them to proceed thru immigration.

The screening job will encompass officers asking questions concerning one’s jog history, contend with/issue of map for the final 14 days, lodging arrangements whereas on Montserrat and transportation arrangements from the Airport to the house contend with on Montserrat. Temperature assessments can even be performed.


The Dominican Republic continues to guide the house with most cases even though 214,512 of its 254,435 cases dangle recovered. There are in point of fact 36,572 active cases with 140 glossy cases reported the day gone by alongside with 5 glossy deaths. That has moved the death toll to a pair,351.

Cuba for its segment reported the most glossy cases in the Caribbean Monday – a whopping 1,066 to switch its total reported case load to 80,610. To this point, there are 5,047 active cases, on the change hand, as 75,127 dangle recovered. The death tally is 436.

Jamaica, in the period in-between, jumped to 41,013 cases Monday as it added one other 350 glossy cases. The bulk – 22,098 – are active cases, whereas 18,297 dangle recovered. The country now has 618 deaths, including three glossy ones Monday.

Diversified nations seeing glossy cases Monday incorporated Curacao which reported 176 glossy cases to realize 10,066 and 52 deaths whereas Bermuda, reported 69 glossy cases to leap to 1,469 as its death toll expand by 2 to 14.

Aruba added 43 glossy cases to realize 9,681 whereas Guyana added 26 glossy cases Monday to lengthen to 10,606. The South American CARICOM nation also seen its death tally jump by 3 to 246.

Haiti added 15 glossy cases to realize 12,803 whereas Trinidad and Tobago added 14 to realize 8,192. Barbados reported 11 glossy cases as did Suriname, as their total cases rose to a pair,679 and 9,174, respectively.

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and the Netherland Antilles added 6 every to realize 1,764 and 1,468 cases, respectively.

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