This Bloodborne Lady Maria Cosplay Is The Best We’ve Ever Seen

Cosplay is an ravishing contrivance for followers of games, movies, and extra to specific their admire for their accepted characters in a entirely immersive contrivance. Whereas we’re aloof desperately clinging to Bloodborne 2 hopes and desires, one cosplayer took their Girl Maria cosplay to not possible heights that are too not possible no longer to share. 

The cosplayer in build an train to goes by Edelxl on socials and they lately shared a fresh shot of their not possible Girl Maria of the Astral Clocktower cosplay, a cosplay they first shared again in 2018. This fresh shot showcases completely the educated craftsmanship build into this specific costume including the hair, make-up, and even a movie-quality backdrop: 

The above shot used to be shared earlier this week and it’s far previous haunting. I’m a predominant fan of cosplay for the reason that dedication to the craft and the admire of these franchises are largely felt. Geeking out feels appropriate but this? This feels love one thing we would secret agent in a AAA movie and whereas this cosplay is doubtlessly no longer model fresh, we figured it will be fresh to some! It completely used to be fresh to us right here at Sport Informer. 

This cosplayer shared outdated seems to be at their Girl Maria with some extra not possible photos viewed below:

【cos】Bloodborne The Veteran Hunters

Curse the fiends their kids too

And their kids…forever lawful


赤子の赤子 ずっと先の赤子まで



of the Astral Clocktower/stop


thx/jardin’k #cosplay

— stop (@edelxl) November 30, 2018

For of us that is likely no longer conversant in the stoic hunter, she wields the incredibly extremely fine Rakuyo and Evelyn whereas donning the Maria Hunter Build of dwelling. At the beginning a citizen of Cainhurst, this personality used to be no longer handiest a miles away relative to Queen Annalise, but she used to be also thought to be one of the very first hunters to shake things up a bit by contrivance of her gaze below Gehrman (the very first hunter). She’s less animated about blood and extra animated about her dexterous abilities, but one aspect she also had used to be fashion and that fashion very phenomenal shines by contrivance of with this spectacular cosplay tribute. 

This is much from the handiest cosplay from this proficient cosplayer! To see extra of their craft, it’s possible you’ll perchance investigate cross-check their Instagram lawful right here. You’re going to gain some extra cosplay goodness in with each and each thought to be such a varied unbelievable facets below: 

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What enact you suspect about this Bloodborne fan’s Girl Maria cosplay? Sound off alongside with your thoughts in the commentary allotment below! 

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