Tiger: ‘So cool’ to watch son Charlie play golf

Dec 17, 2020

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ORLANDO, Fla. — A yardage e book protruded from his support left pocket, the golf glove dangling from his true when he walked on the greens. Throw in the Nike swoosh on his jacket and an interlocking grip, and Charlie Woods appeared a dinky version of his eminent and done father.

Attempting to capture it any farther than that is no longer what it be about this week on the Ritz-Carlton Golf Club, the put Tiger Woods elected to play with his 11-365 days-aged son in the PNC Championship, an annual gradual-season, 36-gap event that matches a critical championship-winning participant with a family member. The tournament begins Saturday with 20 groups.

In describing the gap Thursday following a legitimate-am round, Tiger over and over invoked a mark of the observe “revel in” as he described what the essence of this exercise is all about.

“It’s miles so extraordinary relaxing to peep him having fun with the game,” Woods stated. “That is your total conception. Salvage pleasure from hitting shots and lengthening those shots. It’s miles so chilly for me to peep him revel in the game and feeling the shots and hitting it as solid as he is hitting it.”

The format for the tournament is a trip, which was also aged throughout the legitimate-am, and there was one instance on the 11th gap the put Charlie hit his short capacity to some feet for a kick-in birdie — whereas Tiger hitting from the identical space was nowhere inner birdie fluctuate.

Such is the game that lets in for such variances. Woods, and the opposite critical winners in the field, are taking part in from the championship tees whereas there are long-established and ahead tees also in exercise. Charlie is taking part in up front — from the identical speak the put legends Lee Trevino, 81, and Gary Participant, 85, will tee it up from this weekend.

“I would prefer to peep [Charlie] play smartly, I would prefer to peep him withhold his hold, nonetheless on the identical time he’s easiest 11 years aged, he doesn’t can get to be in comparison to Tiger,” stated Justin Thomas, who’s taking part in with his father, Mike — and will seemingly be grouped with the Woods team Saturday. “He doesn’t can get to be in comparison to anybody. He true desires to revel in the game.”

Thomas has considered a upright little bit of Charlie over time as he lives shut to Woods in South Florida. And his dad, Mike — a PGA of The USA club pro — has spent some time working with the younger Woods as smartly, one thing Tiger eminent and favored.

“He likes to needle me a dinky bit bit and I in truth need to remind myself that he’s 11 years aged infrequently,” Thomas stated. “I need to remind myself that I need to scrutinize what I yell. They are very a similar. Who would no longer want to be be pleased your dad if your dad was Tiger Woods? He positively has all the mannerisms. I am going to be his 2d-greatest supporter in the market after Tiger.”

Right here’s a miles deal of entry into the game than the model Woods himself was launched some 40 years previously. By age 11, Tiger — who turns 45 on Dec. 30 — had a huge number of trophies in his bedroom and had competed in a huge sequence of dinky one and junior events.

Tiger’s father, Earl, was identified for directing his son to greatness, though he stood by and let Tiger make a resolution how extraordinary he wished to play.

“My dad never pushed me to play golf, or speed observe or sinful nation,” Woods stated. “Any of those things. It was about spending those moments. And regardless of Charlie decides to mark, whether it be golf or no longer, so long as he enjoys it.

“It’s all about him having fun with his moments. That is what we had been doing. And having these bonding moments. So long as he does that, I’m happy for him.”

The route measures true below 7,000 yards for the professionals, with the front tees taking part in to about 5,800 yards.

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