Tilda Swinton will star in Joanna Hogg’s other upcoming film

For us here at LWLies HQ, one among the most hotly anticipated titles on the highly tentative calendar for 2021 is The Keepsake Piece II, Joanna Hogg’s prepare-as a lot as her loosely autobiographical memoir of artistry and passion in her formative years. But whereas Hogg’s fanbase (we decide to be known as Wild Hoggs) awaits the free up of her next feature, we can already delivery to get interested by her next next feature.

The most contemporary field of UK Vogue involves a lengthy chat between playwright Jeremy O Harris and Tilda Swinton, by which the movie superstar and common Hogg participant finds that one other collaboration between the 2 is already in the can. After acting in the first installment of the Keepsake and its upcoming sequel, Swinton will furthermore superstar in a movie learned to be titled The Eternal Daughter.

Swinton doesn’t quit too great in the near of significant aspects all the arrangement by the interview, nonetheless the shoe-leather-basically based completely mostly sleuths over at The Film Stage did some digging and learned that Swinton will superstar alongside theatre vet Joseph Mydell and relative unknown Carly-Sophia Davies. Production has reportedly wrapped following a shoot in Wales, which arrangement that Hogg would possibly perhaps well like a pair of festival contenders on her fingers movie festivals become an existent phenomenon all yet again.

In connected Tilda Swinton news, she’ll furthermore lead the next directorial project from master cinematographer Christopher Doyle, a sci-fi characterize (extra sci than fi) known as Immunodeficiency. Swinton will painting a “bee professor” who travels to Australia only to be kidnapped by an “obsessive younger girl,” a comment from Doyle on the urgent danger of colony give arrangement and looming mass bee extinction.

Swinton has the in-query occupation so many actors dream of, if you’re on a common basis known as on by the enviornment’s top auteurs spherical the globe to preserve their high-profile art work motion pictures. (She’s purchased the lead in Apichatpong Weerasethakul’s English-language debut Memoria, furthermore coming down the pike.) Her fruitful symbiosis with Hogg is magnificent one among many long-duration of time partnerships – with the Coens, with Bong Joon-ho, with any director shopping for the ethereal presence only Swinton can present.

Published 18 Jan 2021

Joanna Hogg
Tilda Swinton

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